The plane can fly because it’s beautiful.

That’s the comment Sorai give to Inaba when they watch the acrobatic plane in action.

sasi-mi asked:

Hello! Can you guys give me recommendation on good jdramas/movies that focus on character growth and simple plotlines with amazing actings from the actors just like The Kirishima Thing and Halfway? Thank you!

Let’s see… I totally recommend you to watch Gakkou no kaidan, Asuko March!, Attention Please and even Soratobu Kouhoushitsu. 

I liked these a lot…any other suggestions?

It’s been two fucking years since Soratobu Kouhoushitsu came out and I’m still crying over its music……………

This is not promising for my recovery over Ouroboros

Happy Quote

I’m not sure whether I can make Inaba-san happy or not

「私の幸せは私が決めます!」I will decide my own happiness

My feeling is so overflow with this scene. I love how the drama end. After he thought to give her up so she can live her life happily with someone better, yet in the end because the heart in the sky they recall the time they saw it together. Finally they realize they just can’t give each other up.

The story is so great, touching, and give people encouragement.

Really a must watch drama. I’m too late to know about this great drama but better late than never, right?? >.