"Legendra no Yuusha"

- Golden Swordsman, Dran (黄金剣士 ドラン = Ougon Kenshi Doran)
- Golden Ninja, Sora-kage (黄金忍者 空影  = Ougon Ninja Sorakage)
- Golden Shogun, Leon (黄金将軍 レオン = Ougon Shōgun Reon)
- Knight of the Sky, Jet Silver (空の騎士 ジェットシルバ = Sora no Kishi Jettoshiruba)
- Knight of the Stars, Star Silver ( 星の騎士 スターシルバー = Hoshi no Kishi Sutāshirubā)
- Knight of the Land, Drill Silver (大地の騎士 ドリルシルバー = Daichi no Kishi Dorirushirubā)
- Knight of the Flames, Fire Silver (炎の騎士 ファイヤーシルバー = Honō no Kishi Faiyāshirubā)
- Armament of Steel, Advenger (鋼鉄武装 アドベンジャー = Kōtetsubusō Adobenjā)
- Pirate Battleship, Captain Shark (海賊戦艦 キャプテンシャーク = Kaizoku Senkan Kyaputenshāku)


I have no idea what to title this fic so YEAH
It’s not as ‘dramatic’ as it could’ve been but eh, I don’t think Takuyas that dramatic anyway

Fandom: Brave of Gold Goldran
Warnings: None really
Characters: Sorakage, Takuya, Dran
Summary: Kazuki has brains and Dai has strength, but what does Takuya have?
Word count: 1,917

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Sharky857: I noticed it just now!
Sharky857: Sorakage’s got those three “small wing” thingies just like Gold Arm! X°D
evol-astraea: Oh welp.
evol-astraea: Considering WHO designed both, and not only them…
Sharky857: Tehehhhhhhhh! <u<

Reason #1584287 to love Spikey and that “Legendra no Ninja Yuusha”… (✿ ♥‿♥)

(‘Sides, is it just me or is it as if these two seemed to share a wee-bit of colour scheme too…?)

Hello! Have a photo of me and my older sister. I’m the one on the left, and she’s obviously the one on the right. 

I realized I didn’t post much about my family on tumblr, but then it also occurred to me that our Mum wouldn’t let us do that so…I guess I’ll stick to posting this over here! 

Anyway, that’s my sister. She’s about two years older than I am, and we study in the same University. I don’t even know why I’m posting about her right now, maybe it’s because she doesn’t go home very often (she dorms, you see, and I don’t. Home is about two hours away) or maybe because I’ve been reading manga again.

Oh, I gotta thank her, though! Seven years ago, she introduced me to the world of fanfiction, so yeah, what I am right now, is all thanks to her. Hahaha! I guess she’s the biggest influence to me with regards to family because I don’t really talk a lot when I’m at home. 

She tells me everything! May it be useless, interesting, a spoiler, an act of arrogance, she shows me because she’s a fucking douche in a girl’s body. Kidding, kidding. 


See you soon, sis! :D