AU Meme: Ashton Plans a Date

   Ashton has always been the adventurous one of your relationship and you really looked up to that. When ashton called you and said he planned for you guys to go out that night you knew he had some adventures in store! He picked you up at 10 o’clock and you two first went out for a quick bite to eat. When you left he told you to close your eyes and not to open them until he says. You found this so exciting but waiting 30 minutes wasnt to fun. You felt the bumpy road and heard the car stop. Ashton opened the door and only asked you to do one thing. STRIP! You were shocked but and intrigued and did as he told. You opened your eyes and was then lifted over his shoulder and thrown into the lake. You squeezled and shouted at Ashton for throwing you in the icy water. You finally got over it and actually had a great time. Ashton was always a great time. You loved him so much just like he loved you. You two were at that lake until 3am swimming, talking, kissing and so much more.

requested by; sorads