1. soprettypink85 answered: Sorry, I missed it. When and where does it usually come on?
  2. ___
  3. Single comes out in November 2nd!
  4. ikawa-arei answered: Did you at least see the new PV? Someone uploaded it to DailyMotion. Unfortunately, that’s all I can find…

I still haven’t seen the PV ;-; just saw the preview…

but I just found it on facebook 

If anyone else is interested, I’ll leave it here

pink-maniac asked:

I really enjoy your blog! I hope you had fun during the holidays! ^_^

lkjsadlfkjaskdjhf I enjoy your 50 million likes and reblogs (─▽─) ♥ I notice. Glad you enjoy (´∀`)I had wonderful holidays thanks, and hope yours was good too ^-^v