Musical Theatre Roles from Lowest to Highest (female range)

BbMany of these are up for interpretation to an extent, but I’ve included the vocal range to the side for reference!  The ranges are based not only on the high notes, but the low notes, timbre, and what part the actress sings in group numbers.  If you feel a character is way out of place, or think I’ve put the incorrect range, send me a message!  (I may have been going a little bonkers by the end of putting this post together, so just let me know!) 

Don’t know your vocal range?  Check out this video for help figuring it out!

You can find the male counterpart to this post here!

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Pretty much every highschool choir
  • 1st soprano:*sings melody, complains about how hard it is and how high it is. Is unable to sing harmony at all*
  • 2nd soprano:*sings the same note like, the whole time*
  • Alto:*no matter how many there are, you can never hear them*
  • Tenor:*is like an alto but, you can hear them*
  • Bass:*is just in choir for the art credit*
  • Things heard in college choir:
  • That’s only a quarter note.
  • Altos, what are you DOING in measure 27?
  • Do not breathe there.
  • Stop. Just stop.
  • That is ONE beat.
  • Okay, let’s stop and do the rhythm.
  • Let’s hear just the sopranos for now.
  • You guys can’t fight each other, you have to cooperate.
  • Again.
  • Alright, from the top.
  • Please do not breathe there. You have to stagger.
  • Okay, let’s go again. Pickup to measure 31.
  • No, no, no, I said pickup INTO 31.
  • That’s a B flat.
  • It’s ONE step.
  • That’s a rest.
  • You guys have to count this. The piano’s leaving you behind.
  • No, listen, listen to the piano.
  • No. That rhythm is dun dun dun REST dun dun.
  • Listen. Listen. You hear that? That's dissonance.
  • Who is singing A sharp? It's natural.
  • Ladies, it's dissonant. You have to sing it anyway.
  • Listen. You take turns here. Let the altos sing before you come in.
  • Please count.
  • You're going to have to memorize this.
  • No. Go all the way down to the B.
  • Stop singing. Listen to me play it.


Disturbed from his slumber, Harry picked up his buzzing phone from the bedside table answering the call without looking on the screen on whose calling him in the middle of the night. 

Y: Harry.

Hearing a heart shuttering sob from the other line. Harry’s attention quickly focused on the voice. 

H: Kitten. Why’re you crying? 

Harry’s raspy voice laced with worry.

Y: Nothing I just missed you so much. 

Instead of her energetic and contagious laugh, Harry heard her sniffing collecting herself from crying to much cause of her missing him. 

H: okay, okay, baby girl. If you want, before I got home I’ll buy you some cool stuffs here and take them home with me for you. Sounds good ?

Disliking the idea, she got agitated. 

Y: No Harry! 

She shrieked which made Harry cringed from the sudden strength of her voice. 

Y: Don’t you understand me Harry!? I don’t want stuffs! I don’t want them! All I want is you! I want you here with me! 

Listening to her bawling made his heart sink but at the same time swell ‘cause it assures him that no matter who he is or what his status in life, his sure that she love him only because he is him not because of his money or fame. 

Y: Look I’m sorry Harry. I-I j—

H: It’s okay kitten I understand you I also miss you just please don’t cry. You know I don’t want you to be upset. 

Y: Mmm. 

She nodded even though Harry couldn’t see her. 

Y: Oh! I’m sorry— You might be sleeping— I didn’t mean to interrupt you— Goo-

H: Kitten.

Y: Yes Harry?

Relieved that Harry wants to spend more time talking to you even though it’s in the middle of the night. 

H: Can you please sing for me? I think you should do me a favor since you’ve bothered me in my sleep.

Harry cheekily remarked which made her giggle.

H: Now that’s the music in my ears but really you should lullaby me to sleep. Mama! 

Y: Hihihi. Okay, okay. 

Clearing her throat, she she collected air from her belly and started pouring her spirits by singing.

Y: Think of me, think of me fondly
When we’ve said goodbye
Remember me, once in a while
Please, promise me you’ll tryAnd you’ll find that once again you long

To take your heart back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for meWe never said “our love was evergreen”
Or “as unchanging as the sea”
But if you can still remember,Stop and think of me

Think of all the things

We’ve shared and seen

Don’t think about the way
Things might have been

Think of me, think of me waking
Silent and resigned
Imagine me trying too hard
To put you from my mind

Recall those days, look back on all those times
Think of the things we’ll never do
There will never be a day
When I won’t think of you

Singing together at the melody, he let her sing the soprano the part at the same time he sang adding a blend with his low raspy vocal.

H: Hmmmm.. 

Harry hummed nearly dozing of at the angelic voice that sang for him seconds ago. She giggled hearing Harry yawned on the other side.

Y: I think you really need to sleep save those energy for the fans and don’t forget to have some little for me when you get home.

H: Hmmm… I love you kitten. 

Y: I love you too. Sweet dreams my love.


This brought me much joy today: operatic soprano Angela Brown covers “All About That Bass,” accompanied by the string trio Time for Three.