._. I'm In DeepShizNitz

So I’m the one writing your fic and I’m so excited to give you this sneak peak in the READ MORE but I’m also um having to bear some bad news 

I got a bad grade in my mathematics class



and so I won’t be able to go onto the computer for like two-three weeks at most because I’m Filipino (i’m so stereotypical) and I have a C- and my mother is about to go HAM on my arse D’: I’m going to die tonight  but here’s what’s happening so far in Keep Me Steady -

WARNING: This much has been edited a bit and there’s like 5K more words to go ._. this whole story is going to try and be done within 10 Chps. at most and the biggest spoiler I can say is that someone dies, someone ends up in the hospital, someone is heartbroken, someone loses the love of their life, and someone very important dies. 

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