8 People Entered The Basement

"Jesus Fucking Christ! How do so many people find my fucking house!? I think someone just fell down the fucking stairs!" 

sophieshiinasaki started following you

A sly grin slid across the white-haired male’s lips as he saw the young lady before him. It had been some time since a person had come to visit him, or more precisely, come across his path. Was she perhaps lost? It could answer countless questions that filled the air. “Young miss, you seem to have strayed from the path you were once on. Might I be of assistance?”

sophieshiinasaki has entered the Realm~

If people in general flocking to Gig’s realm wasn’t confusing enough, it was even more puzzling why females would want to do it. Sure, most of them said their excuse was getting lost, but the reaper was an extremely unpleasant person to be around. He was kind of already aware of that; in a more people should be lucky to be around him, but most of the time they felt they weren’t way. They were the problem, really. Not him

Pulling himself out of his internal ravings, Gig faced the newcomer with the usual distrust and hostility he faced everyone with no matter who they were, barking out roughly, “I don’t know why you’re here, but I don’t see how I’ve got anything to offer you. Besides a massive headache, in more ways than just the verbal sense of the word.”