I love spending my days with this precious little ball of energy and joy 💛 I am so proud of her in every way. She continues to amaze me with the new things she says, songs she sings, her wonderful manners and social skills and how sensitive and thoughtful she is of others. She is just such a lovely little human being and I am so happy and fortunate I get to be her mama. #sophiebelle #vscokids #whatsophiewore #wiw #pinkhair #childhoodunplugged #latergram

Outfit of the Day- Open Front Necklace

Outfit of the Day- Open Front Necklace

A really great accessory item that is hot right now is the open front necklace! 

They usually come in a variety of styles and is a great statement piece for any outfit. 

Source: AzariaLaMode

Today I wore one of my own open front necklace that I grabbed from Forever 21. 

I wore a powder blue blazer, a white cotton shirt, white skinny jeans and multicolored snakeskin lace up sandals.

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Sophie is so COOL. Don’t ever call her cute, don’t tell her she is pretty, don’t call her funny, or say she is smart (she will tell you she is NOT) but if you tell her she is cool she will beam at you endlessly. #vscocam #vscokids #childhoodunplugged #sophiebelle (at Adventure Bay Water Park)

The best part of the party☺ it very briefly stopped raining so Emma started her performance outside.. Sophie walked right up to her (she was glued to my hip a lot of the party) and started dancing to the music. Everyone was watching in awe at these two sweet girls. I have never felt so lucky and proud to have her as my daughter, and I was so glad everyone at the party got to see how wonderful and sweet she is. #sophiebelle #firstbirthdayparty #fairyparty #playhouse #loveofmylife