Danny Phantom Fancast

Dylan O’Brien as Danny Fenton

Chloe Grace Moretz as Sam Manson

Tristan Wilds as Tucker Foley

Sophie Turner as Jazz Fenton

Amy Adams as Maddie Fenton

Jon Hamm as Jack Fenton

Naturi Naughton as Valerie Gray

Michael Fassbender as Vlad Masters

Matt Bomer as Dark Danny


I sure hope no one’s translated this before because I’ve been sitting on it for a year.

Here’s the Tales of TV from January 2014. It’s a Christmas special! Hopefully the characters… actually sound in-character. (This is the part where I admit I’ve only played like half of the Tales games, if that…)

It’s been a year since I really worked on this and I still laugh like an idiot at a lot of it, so I hope you enjoy it too. Sorry for the lack of… anything… lately, but I hope this makes up for it! My semester of hell is almost over so I should be able to get back to translating things soon.

Reminder to read right to left!

Thank you to blasteriidx for the scans. :)