Ein Tag wie dieser ist einfach nötig. Ein Tag, an denen du Freunde fragst, ob sie Zeit haben, aber sie diese nicht haben. Ein Tag, den du komplett für dich hast. Ein Tag, an dem du machen kannst, was du willst. Keine Eltern, die dich fragen, wie lange du noch im Bett liegen willst. Ein Tag, an dem du deine Nägel zwanzig Mal umlackierst, weil du nie zufrieden bist. Ein Tag, an dem du zwei Stunden auf dem Bett liegst und nur aus dem Fenster starrst. Ein Tag, an dem du so viel weinst, wie du nur kannst. Deine schlimmsten Gedanken hoch kommen und du dich nicht mehr bewegen kannst. Ein Tag, an dem du so laut Musik hören, tanzen, schreien und fühlen kannst. Ein Tag, an dem das Schlimmste aus dir raus kommt. Aber weißt du, was das Gute daran ist? Es ist nur ein Tag. Es sind nicht mal 24 Stunden. Ein Tag, an dem du alles frei lässt. Es ist nur ein Tag. Ein Tag.

Hey guys!

So, to start off we just want to apologize. A combination of poor timing and insufficient and uninformed planning made this exchange not everything it should have been. 

We’ve decided that this has gone on too long. We have 11 fics currently queued to post, and we’re going to post them all right now. We’re going to reveal the remaining authors as well.

There are still a few people who have yet to submit, and as those fics come in we will post them with the names on them immediately. It’s almost spring, and we can’t have a winter fic exchange in spring, you know?

Also, unfortunately, a lot of people have been blatantly ignoring us. I have contacted them via email and tumblr at least three times, and they refuse to respond. There is nothing we can do about this issue, because we do not feel it is right to default people with out their consent.

We tried to assign pinch hitters to everyone who wrote, but if someone did not submit a fic, they were lower priority and did not get a pinch hitter because they couldn’t/didn’t do their part. For some people, this is no fault of their own, and we apologize that you won’t be getting a gift if you had very real reasons for leaving the exchange, but we wanted people who wrote to get something in return.

There are still a few people whose prompts were given up that weren’t given a pinch hitter. We simply ran out of time and resources. I deeply apologize.

Some people contacted us and said that they really wanted to write their fic, but couldn’t do it in the time frame we allotted them. So they will be posting their fic and gifting it to their recipient on their own time, on their own account.

Lastly, we have to end this in the interest of our mental health. This exchange has been a huge stress on Zoe and I, especially when coupled with school work. Both of us have had panic attacks over this, and had to give our duties to the other to take a few days off and relax. I apologize that this didn’t go as smoothly as it should have and could have, but simply doing an exchange during the school year isn’t a good idea, and we didn’t forsee that.

We both give our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience, and we wish we had the foresight to avoid this.

We will be closing the ask box, but if you have any questions, you may contact me on my personal tumblr xfactorera. If you are a writer with a later due date and you are unclear on how this will affect you, please contact me there, and I will respond ASAP.

So that’s that, the fics we still currently have to post should all be up tonight. The authors should also all be revealed tonight. When more fics come in, I will post them as soon as I can, and they will not be anonymous. I’m sorry for how many people will be disappointed by this, but we have simply done everything we can do to try and remedy it and it’s just not fixable.

Thank you everyone who participated! You’re all absolutely wonderful and thank you so much for producing all the wonderful fics and prompts and general splendor and amazingness that happened in this exchange! You guys are great, we love you lots!