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River had needed a breath of fresh air and an escape from the chaos that came with time travelling. She set her vortex manipulator for the Snape home, landing outside. A smile grew on her face as a light breeze tousled her curls. Visiting her dear fiend, Minerva always cheered her up. She walked to the front door, hoping someone was home. She knocked three times, patiently waiting in the sunshine.


Witch and Time Lady // sophiaathenesnape

It wasn’t her fault. She knows how to fly the TARDIS, she never crashed it, or left the brakes on, or even made a scratch on it, but when she decides to steal it for an afternoon to Earth, it ends up crash landing in someones front yard. 

Coughing the smoke out of her lungs, and rushing her way out the door for safety. “Extract the fans on.” She yelled inside, after catching her breath and leaning her body against the side of the blue box. 

After a few moments of rethinking what happened and coming up with no conclusion of what she did wrong or what could’ve possibly happened, she clued in to her surroundings. A beautiful building, with a beautiful front  yard. River glanced down at her watch, “Ouch.” She whined, under breath; it was six O’clock in the morning on Earth and she’d probably waken up the whole street, if not the whole city.