“For those who feel marginalized, they see a little bit of themselves in Malik. He’s relatable. The dashing pop sensation was once a bullied multi-racial child in the humble city of Bradford. For much of his childhood he battled with his own racial and religious identity, until he grew to appreciate and take pride in his uniqueness.”

pedanticsoothsayer asked affectionatetea:

Maybe some pale Latula and Porrim? Like frog hunting or something (because, you know, space players and knights always get that stuff done).

wOW YES what a great suggestion!! lmfao i have no idea what’s going on in this bg tho, it appears my sense of composition has left the building. it must be trying to become a frog. maybe it just wants tula’s attention. (i don’t blame it)

Even the Fire Signs have to cool off

Normally the one thing that calms an Aries is letting them fume and get all of their anger and energy out. But sometimes they find people in life that know how to calm, sooth, and keep them in check.

Leo finds calmness in creativity and physical activity. This is a person who  feels calm after getting done with a project or after a good workout.

Sagittarius finds calmness when they finally have alone time to think and work stuff out. Usually a long drive by themselves or taking a walk clears their mind.