king’s like “well just bc we broke up doesn’t mean i don’t want to see you ever so let’s stay friends, ok?” and soonhee is rly surprised bc all the sleeping around she did to try to fill the void they wouldn’t so much as even look at her the morning after or w/e? and this dude is just like. “hey let’s not be fuckbuddies anymore let’s be like. actual friends” and she’s just ??? why would u want to be friends w me

fr tho…the reason that she even moved away to try and get a job as a singer in the first place is bc she kind of fucked up her home life and now she’s 8’) abt literally every relationship. why get close to anyone when you can just. not get close to them. and feel Empty all the tim e

omfgg tho minguk actually clicks w soonhee v fast despite…the personality mismatch…she is literally so petty and he is like an angel and yet they end up being kind-of friends? he thinks she’s rly interesting and admires how witty she is he wishes he could think up one-liners on the spot like she does.

whci H IS PART OF THE REAS On that sg ends up disliking soonhee so much lik e. u know when u come across someone who appears to be like you except better in pretty much every way. yea h tha’ts„ how it is w sg -> soonhee…like sg tries not to be jealous bc it’s good that minguk is making friends bc she knows how socially isolated he is despite his friendliness but dam n like every story he tells is “soonhee” this and “soonhee” that and she just ends up Losing It

rly tho soonhee ends up liking king more than she did initially like at first it was just a “he’s hot 👀” type of thing but then she noticed how passionate he was abt things and how attentive he is to kids and what a fucking dork he is and she was like…;;;;;;;;

she and bo are talking and bo’s like “u ever realized that there’s a trend in ppl that u dated/hooked up w” and soonhee’s like “no way, that can’t be true” but then she realizes that literally every single one of like the 20 dudes she’s been w have been some variation on the tousle-haired, tired-looking, tall+lanky dude and she interrupts herself like “oh m ygod “

bruh king and soonhee’s whole relationship is so casual that it’s almost a fuckbuddies type of deal?? king is kind of confused but that’s how soonhee rolls so. there u go…they end up separating bc they’re like “yeah this is kind of. weir d.” but they’re still friends