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Have you met any people off of tumblr? Who would be on your list of people that you would love to meet?

Not, yet…but soon hopefully!

I am definitely trying to connect up with breakthecitysky (*nudge*) since she is pretty close (geographically), and I have talked with kaybattle about potentially doing some family pictures for us if we make it over into Wisconsin again at some point in the next year…which seems pretty likely.  Oh, and I have repeatedly offered to buy electradaddy cupcakes if he comes here, but still no luck there.

Beyond those three, I have a bunch of people that I would love to meet.  I follow 200+ blogs, so that is a pretty big group, that I am not going to list in its entirety.  But this is a really neat community, and one that has made me feel very much welcome and at home.  So yeah.  If you are in the Twin Cities area, or I am in your area, feel free to drop me a note.  I would love to make an in-person meet-up happen.


Hey hello ;3 I did an art trade or maybe I just drew an AJ. But if I did do an art trade it was with meetthepones and I don’t mind if I don’t get anything back ;3 (though I still do cause it cool to get pics of yur pony :P) but anyway here you are. This is basically the same pic with some of the layers removed from it some times ;3

(Post 176 art trade!!! And an Applejack. Also I would do more posts but I had to draw this and most of my previous posts with my finger so I decided to wait to answer any questions till I got like idk a drawing tablet of something :P (like not an iPad mini) I will be getting one soon though hopefully ;3)

For the anon who asked about Jeannette, ask me off anon and I can tell you more! I don’t want to be like, giving that stuff out to just anyone in a non general way you know? What I will say, is that I love her a lot, and I so hope that she is doing okay, and that I am doing everything in power to help the situation we’re in, and hopefully soon I will have good news! But that I’ll never give up on her, and I’ll never betray her, and I’ll always be here for her. That, I’d say to ANYONE.

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just wondering, when you come back will you update that Darcy as a psychic fic or the one where she's Bucky's wife? I love those. Again, just wondering not trying to be rude or pushy at all and I hope it didn't come off that way!

Nope, not pushy. :)

Hopefully soon. I’m using someone else’s computer at the moment, and it’s a little alien and an older model, so it’s making writing more difficult. My laptop is waiting on repairs and because I have school during the week, I really only have weekends to work on anything fic related. On top of that, I have been going through some personal issues, so I haven’t been motivated to write lately. I do hope to pick things back up soon, though. I really wanted to update the psychic!Darcy fic this weekend, but some things came up, so hopefully this coming weekend, I can change that. 

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sue is alive

Not really. D: One more gif and then I am off to get child off the bus. The transition has been stressful so haven’t really been watching anything, hence gifs from older shows. Hopefully soon this schedule will become normal and I can relax and watch stuff. :D 

More OOC madness!

The madness, it cannot be stopped. As always with this time of the year I run the risk of overexerting myself. Working in a video game store and being a full time student ends up using more of my time, motivation, and energy, than I can ever predict. With Destiny being the (hopefully) biggest release of this year, and a bunch of papers due the next week, I have been swamped and my creativity is pretty much nonexistent. I figure it’s best to throw stuff up here, so people know about my lack of posting and presence, and so that I might assure you all. I will be making my return, I always do. Hopefully soon!

Until then.


OOC: Hey, Wheatley mod here. Sorry about the lack of updates—that last post was probably kind of a bad place to leave the blog for so long but I’m glad I got it done before school started, because school has started and it’s keeping me busy all the time.

The blog is not dead and I’ll update when I can, which will hopefully be soon if I can get all my work done. Thanks :)


All these almost endless patrols were starting to wear on him. He glanced up towards the moon and where he knew the lady rested. Hopefully soon.


No sense in sitting still. He saluted before taking off in a flash of light again. Time to get back to work, and just maybe lend his arm in battle should the need arise, for now though, it was time keep his promise to the sleeping lady and keep his watch. The world would keep turning while she slept. Even if he had to get down and push it to make it turn.

Gonna try not be too dead for the rest of the week but yE
It’s my birthday tomorrow ;o Stuff’ll be happening during the day, and then I’m stopping over with my sis and whatnot probably til the end of the weekend! And will probably be playing Hyrule Warriors when it comes out /shot. I don’t go on the internet so much over there but I may definitely have to play Mario Kart 8 with some friends hehe -v- 
Also sorry about my lack of arting, I ended up having a burn out at the end of last week LOL, I do have some things I want to draw though, so hopefully soon B>

one more shopping-spree in berlin, yesterday.

exciting bits:

  • some modern 10x15cm baryta paper (for 4x5” contact print experiments, hopefully soon to come) … i have used some very old baryta paper (decades old) and couldn’t get the hang of ever getting it to stay flat. so i’ll see how that goes with this paper :)
  • adox ortho 25 4x5” sheet film

… and some more slow 120-type film - i’m still trying to figure out which kind i like.