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okAY. I WAS SUPER EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS WITH CHAR AND JOHANN BUT NOW IM JUST SAD. we better have a good New Years. *downs the leftover eggnog to cope* That being said I actually love all the work you're doing <3 really a wonderful blog ^^

We dutifully pour you more eggnog and nudge over the entire bottle of bourbon when Will’s not looking. But hey, he’s pretty happy right now, he doesn’t need it that much, right? 

We too were rather hopeful that Christmas might bring with it the happy union of our Dear Prince and his lovely Physician, and we think, rightfully, no one wanted it more than they did. But sometimes the road is bumpy, something about the course of true love and all of that nonsense. We don’t know if those sayings have anything to them or not, but we have a sneaking suspicion that our sad duo will have no choice but to confront each other very soon.

It’s been quiet, for now, we won’t lie, a lot of sneaking around, avoident eyes, and sudden backtracking in the middle of corridors. But neither Char nor Johann seem very happy with the current way things are going. The Doctor has been even quieter than usual, staying behind his door most days, but seen lurking outside the King’s chambers late at night, stepping up to the door as if to knock, then shaking his head and disappearing again. And His Majesty has been tucked against a grumpy Empath more often than not, an intense sudden need for constant hugs and extra puffy eyes appearing of late.

But there’s something to confront now, a need to talk, and feelings that can no longer be ignored. We aren’t fortune tellers, you know, but if we had to put some money on it, we would put all of it on red, which is to say that you can rest assured they love each other, and we love them, and you, very much. And so you might take us on our guess that when they do finally find each other successfully, it will be so incredibly sweet, and under the circumstances that are right for them.  (and they won’t stop kissing even for breath after that.)

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I am behind on the series. I am about to start Payne’s novel. I have been putting it off for months because my friend hates it and I am not a Manny fan at all. My mother got it for me for Christmas so I will start soon, just so I can get onto the next book.


Jimmy Fallon, One Direction & The Roots Sing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”