Compound Nouns in Af-Soomaali. Some examples like "Bat" and "Cannibalism"

As you’ll probably know by now, I have a weird obsession with words and language in general. I hope it won’t be a shock to you then, that today, I want to talk about compound nouns and compound verbs. The basic structure of this blog piece is as follows: 1. I’ll do a brief explanation of what a compound noun/verb is. 2. I’ll then provide examples of compound nouns and verbs in the Somali language. In each case, I’ll provide very brief commentary.

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At first, Lali Mohamed wanted to grieve for his friend Sumaya Dalmar and trust police to investigate her death. But later, Mohamed had second thoughts about what he considers a long legacy of police failing Somali and transgender people like Dalmar. He and many others in Toronto’s LGBT community have decided to demand more from police…

Friend Lali Mohamed has set up a GoFundMe page for a memorial, a commemorative tree and maybe a bursary in Dalmar’s honor, which you can reach here
Lack of Education is lack of light

Aqoon la’aan waa iftiin la’aan
Waa aqal iyo ilyas la’aan
Ogaada, ogaada dugsiyada ogaada
Oo gaada, oo gaada
walaalayaal oo adaa

Lack of education is lack of light
It is homelessness and darkness
be attentive to schools
be attentive, be attentive
Brothers and sisters, go to schools

Somali Poem Broadcasted on the radio during the 70s in Mogadishu

A popular Somali band has been forced to seek asylum in the Netherlands after Kenya revoked its refugee status, its lead singer has told the BBC.

Falis Abdi Mohamud said Kenyan officials seized her refugee card and that of four other band members when they flew out of Nairobi last month.

The band - famous for singing against Islamic extremism - was due to return on 11 October after performing at a peace concert in Amsterdam.

Kenya has not commented on their case.

Its government has been cracking down on Somali refugees and immigrants, accusing them of harbouring fighters from militant Islamist group al-Shabab.