Lessons in Saving Space - UKISS OT7 Fic

Title: Lessons in Saving Space
Fandom: UKISS
Genre: Crack/PWP/Erotica/Humor
Rating: NC-17/M (Explicit!)
Summary: After getting lost, Soohyun books the last available room at a hotel so UKISS can get some rest. Simply put, they don’t. 
Pairings: OT7 (JaeHoonSooLiVinSeopHo), SooHoon, SooSeop, HoonSeop, Elvin, Jaevin, Jaeli, Dongli, Elseop, JaeHo/DongJae,HoonHo, SooJae, SooVin, 2Shin, Dongvin, Sooli, Jaelivin, SooHoonSeop, JaeHoonHo
Author’s Notes: This fic is an OT7 in every damn definition of the word. It is also a collaboration between silverukiss/iamanonymous and Zoni. We also had a generous amount of help from MeWaDame, who did about half of the final draft (I usually do the second drafts myself, but I was exhausted. So, thank you, honey!) and a good deal of editing. Silver and I noticed that, while there are  alot of OT7 fics, they all have UKISS pairing off and screwing in various pairs and trios. Nobody ever writes all seven at once. Like, actually all together. So, we decided to see if it could be done. As it turns out, it sure can. You’re looking at ten and a half thousand words of pure, shameless, completely cracky orgiastic porn. My god, I do hope you enjoy it. And please forgive the generous serving of really horrible jokes we threw in. We tried, but we couldn’t write it completely seriously, either.

              To be entirely fair, it really wasn’t Soohyun’s fault. It wasn’t even the fault of the hotel, or the GPS or the idiot who had suggested that they use the GPS.  No, no matter how much any of them would have liked to place the blame on something, none of those things were at fault.
              That didn’t stop the loud complaints that sounded from everyone else as Soohyun led the way down the narrow hallway of the hotel. It wasn’t fancy, or even half as nice as most of the accommodations that they were used to, but it would have to do. 
              After arriving at the wrong hotel, he had been forced to take the only room left. He was of the general opinion that the other members should just be happy that they had somewhere to sleep. After all, he could have made them stay in the van or kept driving until they found the place where they originally had reservations. Another six hours or so wouldn’t have killed them, all things considered.
              With an audible sigh, Soohyun slid the key card and pushed the door open. “Can you all just be quiet? We’re here now.”
              Eli gave an irritated growl as he pushed through the doorway, bumping Soohyun out of the way in the process. He stopped short as soon as he was inside, eyes roving across the room. “Really, Soohyun?”
              It was the only thing he said, and yet it was enough to cause the other members to flood into the room. They stood on tiptoes, straining to see around each other and figure out what could have prompted such a blase response from him. It only took a moment for them to figure out what the problem was. Seven sets of eyes stared in consternation at the single, solitary bed that was stuck dead-center in the middle of the room. The bed was massive, but there was no getting around the fact that there was only one. The room was devoid of otherwise normal furniture. While there were all manner of fluffy, fuzzy decorations, there wasn’t a couch in sight. In its place there was a giant, red monstrosity in the shape of a heart. A massive, mutated bean bag chair. It was shoved up against one side of the bed, as though offering support. 
              “Soohyun,” Hoon said quietly, mute from shock, “did you book the honeymoon suite?”
              “It was the only room left! I didn’t do it on purpose!”
              Dongho rolled his eyes. Hoisting his duffel bag higher on his shoulder, he pushed his way through the others to deposit his things in a corner, muttering as he passed Soohyun.
              “Sure hyung, we all believe that there isn’t any other reason you’d pick this room.” Sarcasm dripped from every word.

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Hahaha. Soohoonseop for the win! You all know that’s what Hoon is thinking. At least it is in my story. :D

… If I have Hoon suck on Soohyun’s adam’s apple it’s all lifini’s fault.

Live Broadcast with JJangtv

Ha, it is true! SooHoonSeop. Soohyun just stuck his hand down Kiseop’s jacket/shirt and then reached over and felt around Hoon’s chest. Pervy Soohyun…. I love you! :D

Well, that was very short… maybe it was just the end of the interview? But anyways, I now have the urge to write a Soohoonseop fic, and it’s all Soohyun’s fault.

Edit: I missed it the first time around, but Soohyun also bit Kiseop’s shoulder! Like full on mouthed it for several seconds.