My 100 Mages-Project: Flare Corona (19/100)

“Flare is a fascinating character. She starts out as a villain, but then we learn more about her past and why she joined Raven Tail in the first place. She’s not a bad person, she just made bad choices. Her development is really interesting: She goes from ruthless, not questioning orders, from being used by Ivan, to being her own person. She’s pursuing her own goals and trying to live her own life now, doing what makes her happy.” - requested by quenyas

My 100 Mages-Project: Laxus Dreyar (16/100)

“"I love him for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is that out of all the “villains” you see in Fairy Tail, he’s the most reasonable one. By this I mean that all the others were leaders of dark guilds who wanted world domination, and often their reason wasn’t very good. With Laxus, however, he is a member of Fairy Tail with a good childhood who loves Makarov. As opposed to world domination, he wanted something that was more human- punishment disguised by a love of power.” MORE!
- requested by karmabellefiction