If you haven’t already voted for Dan(isnotonfire) and (Amazing)Phil to win the Sony Golden Headphones Award - what have you been doing!? I expect absence notes signed by your parents/guardians by 5pm today. If you have, brilliant! Normal service will resume shortly…

To those that support/watch/love/worship/stalk Dan & Phil but haven’t voted yet - Get voting! Closes at 5pm (UK time) today guys, you still have plenty of time to vote and all you need is a valid email address and a good heart :) You’d be surprised how many people think they don’t need to vote for things like this because ‘oh, well everyone else already has’. No, your votes are just as important and every vote matters!

Go to: type ‘Dan and Phil’, select, enter your email address (don’t worry, they don’t spam you), accept the T’s&C’s and BAM! - press vote! 

You know it makes sense…. think of it as a brilliant way to say thank you to two people who have and still do give so much of their lives every day purely for our entertainment/sanity. They’ve also planned to do 'A Day in the Life of Dan & Phil - London Edition!’ if they win - so YAY! That’d be great, right? Right!

Also, it’s completely free (and you might win some headphones, if you needed a little more incentive to vote)!

Go go go!

Love You Bye xxx