Annie 2014 is getting a lot of backlash and criticism but the only thing that  really matters is little girls loved it and the clothing line is almost nonexistent(sold out) at Target……..speaks volumes

do you guys realize that if another country made a movie where Obama was graphically killed at the end, there would be a mass panic because “America would be under the threat of war”.
But its ok for America to graphically killed another countries leader and act like the victim when that country doesnt agree and feels threatened.

Sony Hires 'Scandal' Crisis Specialist to Handle Sony Hack

Sony Hires ‘Scandal’ Crisis Specialist to Handle Sony Hack

Sony Hires ‘Scandal’ Crisis Specialist to Handle Sony Hack

Judy Smith, the crisis management expert and the inspiration for the ABC show’s Olivia Pope, was recently hired to help advise Sony how to handle the Sony Picture’s crisis.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Sony has hired crisis management expert Judy Smith — the inspiration for Kerry Washington‘s Scandalcharacter, Olivia Pope — to help advise

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First look of Popeye/ CG animation test 

The animation starts at 2:00. The opening is pretty interesting to listen to as well.

The movements. Sooooo cartoony!! Whoever rigged those characters knows magic or something.

We now know that North Korea was behind the threats of attacking American theaters if a certain movie was released on Christmas. They pledged “9/11 style” attacks on us. What we should have done was pledge to level their capital if they indeed attacked us for expressing our right to free speech. America will never be intimidated by this hostile, freedom denying and uncivilized regime.
The Terrorists Have Won 

Absolutely one of the highlights of my trip to California. If you told me when I was little, head over heels in love with movies, that one day I would be having a meeting someplace like this, I would’ve told you are crazy. This place, where the icons of film have spent time, where movies are made, where Magic is manufactured out of nothing. My goodness life is strange. Thank you @thejennablock for showing us around. Here is to creating. (at Sony Pictures Plaza)


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer // by Sony Pictures (2014)