Day 4. Favourite villain.

This one is tough but I’m going to say the Sontarons. 

My reasoning for this is that when you stop and think about it they are not that different from humans. They are all about honour. They appear on the surface to be mindless killers but when you look closer they are just soldiers doing what soldiers do! All they want is to die on the battle field so that there name is worthy. This is really not that far from a lot of soldiers. I am aware these are strange villains to pick for a favourite.

[ okay so since i was already playing the ep to make icons i went to check to see if that last image was photoshopped or something


and no it is fucking not, i dont know what to do with this information

but that is definitely not a child. it looks more like a sontaron actually, maybe that’s why the doctor said about them when he woke up? ]

ananomys said:

"Sucker cups for skin... Venom sacks." He yawned, already falling back asleep, "Sontarons preventing the course of human history."

"What the…Magnus, wake up," he said, wincing before abruptly slapping him on the face to rouse him.  "Sorry."