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♡ My bae, my porcelain doll, my baby boy ♡
Congratulations on turning 24 and for having made it this far in life. i’m so incredibly proud of you for waking up everyday and giving life your all. Thank you for putting your best foot forward and outshining the rest, for being a star amongst the cloudy, dark skies, and for shedding light in the darkest of places. You are such an inspiration, and I’m quite sure that you’ll never understand just how many lives you’ve affected or how much strength you’ve given to others to keep going. You truly inspire us daily, you give us intense feelings, fast beating hearts and ☆___☆ just because you are you, and because there is no one in this world quite like you. Thank you for all the strength you have given me personally, thank you for touching my life and constantly brightening my days. I won’t ever be able to say thank you enough. I hope that today will bring you many happy memories, I love you Kim Kibum, and Happy Birthday ♡


the weekend.

mr. c and i spent a few days at ocean isle beach, just the two of us! sadly, there were only a few hours of ideal beach weather — it was pretty fall-like. but i just love being at the beach period, and we were still happy to spend hours out there reading and drinking. i started and almost finished we are all completely beside ourselves and last week’s new yorker. i took some long walks, mr. c went running, we cooked a couple delicious meals [fish tacos with cabbage slaw + avocado crema // burgers with bacon, pimento cheese, + roasted cherry tomatoes and homemade fries], saw two gorgeous sunsets, had a few tequila shots [!], and just hung out. i loved it.

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Young Lucina: Mother… thank you very much.  The same tiara as King Marth… it’s so beautiful!  I’ll cherish it always! [giggles]

Still crying over the drama CDs, will never not cry over the drama CDs, and still so, so happy Lucina does have a memento from her mother