Sonic Boom Premier (Spoilers)

Hey guys! I originally had a video made ( of me speaking about the episode, wasn’t allowed to film the ep of course), but Youtube was being a pain, so I’ve decided to post my thoughts and a brief summary of the first episode. I couldn’t figure out any other place to post it.

I had seen this at Armageddon (Melbourne, Australia) on the 18.10.2014 at Melbourne Showgrounds. So be prepared for some spoilers underneath. My memory is none too good but this is just a really rough synopsis.

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I have a strange theory about Boom Sonamy and how far the writers will take it..

You know how Amy secretly likes Sonic, and it’s hinted that he might have a crush on her as well?


What if they pull a Hey Arnold on us and make like some sort of movie or hour long special where one of them accidentally confesses to the other out of frustration…? Like that one scene with Helga and Arnold on the top of that sky scraper?


They’ll go the Phineas and Ferb route and do something so wild that we’ll think that they made Sonamy a legit canon couple, only to completely flip it around and just erase it from the universe so only the fans actually know what happened and the two go back to square one.

Or they probably will just leave it as it is…but that’s BORING..

Your thoughts?

anonymous said:

I would like some boom!sonamy fluff please!! Thank you!!


To sum it up…

Sonic and Amy are out on an air temple raid as they gather missing scrolls from Amy’s research.

A paparazzi man sees Sonic gets on one knee, and in the darkness of the night, thinks he’s proposing, and snaps what he believes is ‘the score of his career!’ and races off.

Sonic was actually bending down on his knee to get a dropped scroll, and helps Amy carry a few back to the hub.

Next morning, the news is out! And Tails wakes up early, as usual, and sees it first! Calling an emergency meeting, he asks what that was about, as Knuckles’s plugs his mouth and snickers, Amy thinks she’s dreaming (a pretty good dream), and Sonic turns all white.

Sticks is recruited then to ‘save Sonic’s street cred’ among other things… as the gang rush to gather the newspaper up. (Sonic is still puzzled how the media found them so late at night and just HAPPENED to catch him like that…)

The five are all on stacks of newspaper, huffing and puffing, before… “Yeah… we got’em all… all but that news truck heading down the eastern mountain path…”


 The gang go to try and stop the driver from delivering the false news, but he’s bent on keeping his agenda, as they try to sneakily steal his papers! Even Tails’s ‘spy mission’ like chase sequence with his modified X-Tornado helicopter scheme failed, as the team has tried EVERYTHING, but to no avail.

Finally… they must go to their final plan….

"Yohoo~?" acting like hitch-hickers, Amy and Sonic pretend to be ‘engage’ as the man pulls over, thrilled to have the new star couple with him on the road, as Knuckles, Tails, and Sticks, plan to crack open that truck and take the newspapers!

Tails feeds them how they should act, so they can truly pull off the ‘newly engaged couple’ feel.

"Okay, Sonic, wrap your arm around Amy!"

Sonic twitches, hearing his communicator in his ear and shakingly reaches for Amy’s waist, but stops stiff as he shakes more, being uncomfortable and unable to form a sentence, Amy takes his hand and places it on her waist, leaning toward him.

"Hehe~ We just need a ride. Is it okay if we tag along?" Amy plays along, though she’s freaking out too, maybe just not as outwardly as Sonic…

"Haha! I would love you to ride with me! But uh… no cuddling now! You hear? Haha, you rascals, you! Ah, to be young again." the old truck driver gets back in, as Amy and Sonic twitch at his comment, and get inside.

While the gang is still dumping and trashing the newspapers in the back, Sonic and Amy continue to fool the truck driver, awkwardly trying to act like a couple, as Sticks suddenly takes the communicator from Tails.

"Now you should-HEY!"

"You’re lovey-dovey stuff is lame, here, I got this." Sticks sticks her tongue up to the side of her face as she adjusts the headset on her head. "Ehem, Sonic, look into Amy’s eyes, and tell her she’s the most beautiful wildflower you’ve ever dared to pick up and smell~"

Sonic freezes up, his spines on end as he realizes the voice is Sticks.

"W-where’s..?" Amy whispers, wondering what happened to Tails as they both flinch at the man looking back to them.

"You know… for a pair about to be married, you’re awful quiet with each other…" he raised his awfully large eyebrow.

They started to sweat profusely, realizing they’re cover could be blown, as Sonic turns to Amy. “Y-y-you’re the wildflower I smell!” he stated, as Amy face-palmed.

"…What?" the old man states.

"Haha.. inside joke." Amy waves her hands out in front of her, as the man goes ‘oooh’ and winks.

"Got it. It’s a little thing you two made up for each other. Well, I won’t pry." he looks on towards the road. "Besides, the whole world will know about you two darlings soon, hohohoho!"

Sonic shook his head, as Amy frowned and blushed.

"Not as I expected them to find out…" she muttered, obviously not wanting this as much as Sonic, and wishing it was just a dream gone horribly wrong.

"Great! Now, Amy, place a hand on Sonic’s cheek and tell him he’s eyes are like grand oceans of emerald oasis~" Sticks swooned, apparently, we’re not the only people that ship Sonamy around here…

Amy bit her lip as Sonic tried not to laugh.

"Don’t laugh at her!" Amy whispered, and sighed, putting a hand up to his cheek as he suddenly stopped laughing and started sweating again.

"Wait, y-you’re not…."

"Y-you’re eyes are emerald oceans!" she stated, blushing and closing her eyes.

"Ohhh!!! Are you two doing some kind of ‘code’ thing? Haha, me and my wife had a secret code for ‘I love you’ I bet that’s what you’re doing. Hehe, best kiss her then, sonny!" he nudged Sonic, as he bumped slightly into Amy, and leaned back dramatically as if Amy was the plague right now. "Don’t leave her hanging! haha, don’t worry… I won’t mind. But I may sneak a peek! hahahaha! Hohoho!"

Amy’s soul escaped and jumped to the side of her from all the excitement and shock at thinking they may have to kiss each other.

The car came to a bump as Amy’s frozen body was suddenly blinking back to life as she felt herself be bounced up and land on Sonic, looking up at him as she laid slightly over him, on his lap….

"TAILS!!!" Sonic cried out, his head up as you could only see his huge mouth shouting out, completely thrown back to really belt his name out.

"GOT IT!" Knuckles replied, as Tails grabbed the communicator from Sticks.

"Mission accomplished! Abort! Abort!"

Sonic grabbed Amy and they crashed through the window, as the old man freaked out and swiveled the car.

The two were a little awkward with each other after that, but Amy was just surprised the whole day… wasn’t a bad dream… -sigh-