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Sonic’s world: Planet of Chaos

Sonic’s world is filled with odd phenomena, fantastical environments, and dysfunctional architecture, such as; solid bouncing clouds, spinning crystals and flowers, giant mushrooms, road loops, numerous springs “conveniently” placed in the air and on the ground, spiral highways, strangely patterned soil, suddenly changing climate and setting, at least one moving stone snake that floats and much more:

But what is the causes these oddities? I believe the Chaos Emerald’s power alter and distorts the environment and the architecture, one day you have an ordinary bright, the next day it is curled and only those with extraordinary powers can use it. The only thing the rest of the world can do is to make the best out of it by accommodating these changes as much as possible.

The Chaos Emeralds’ existence creates great opportunities by allowing anything to happen by the power of people’s hearts, but at a great cost; the world is changes rapidly without anyone able to restrain it. (This has the potential of creating major conflicts between parties that has some sense of control over the emeralds power and those who does not.)

But what would a world completely under the influence of Chaos look like? The special zone of course, where everything changes entirely from game to game, including the environments and it’s very nature, and from stage to stage becomes more and more unforgiving:  

This is one of the reasons Sonic’s world is my favorite fictional place.

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