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hey sonia, do you have a favorite disney princess?


Judging by who is and is not considered an “official” Disney Princess, despite whether or not they are truly royalty…


I would most definitely have to choose Mulan! I truly admire her cunning and strength! She shows her country that a woman is capable of just as much as a man, and can lead the pack when trouble is afoot!


As for a character who is actually a princess, I would have to choose Kidagakash. Although she is unpopular, I must say I feel a bit of a kinship to her. Another truly admirable woman.


NIGHTMARE by Nanase Ichika

from the SDR2 Comic Anthology, Vol. 2

((a.k.a. the full version of hinata’s gay nightmare))

I should have done this ages ago because that one image was the first post to really blow up on my dash but hey I got a bunch of free time now so here it is

Full thing under the cut or over here in a google docs file since the pages can be hard to read on tumblr

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