ALRIGHT KIDS! I’ve reached my biggest milestone yet! 350 followers! And in about two months I’ll have had this blog for 1 whole year. And with my track record with keeping blogs that is rather impressive at least in my eyes. But still, I am so grateful for all of you who follow me and interact with me and kept with me despite my inactivity lately! I love all of you with all my heart and soul~~~ This blog is going to undertake some major changes, involving a theme update, rule update, about page update, tag update, it’s going to be a long proccess but it must be done nonetheless! Until then I am going to deliver unto you a follow forever! I feel as if I’ve done one in the past, but either way I’ll do it! Whether you pop up on this list or not I still friggin love you though!

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Twenty One Pilots are such an important band. I never expected this band to be one of the best I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s not just the good music and the uniqueness of it, it’s the meaning and depth of it all. Like there are those albums and songs that you love and are really good but then there are those albums and songs that hit you like a train and have so much depth and meaning in them and they will stick with you for years. This band really sets out to touch other people’s lives with their music and make people feel something strong and connect to it and feel apart of something amazing. They make people feel less alone, they help people through their day and through rough times in life, they give people and outlet and an escape from everything. And I think that’s so important that this band is out there doing what they do because so many people need this in their life. Tyler writing the lyrics to these songs is so amazing, he takes his own life and struggles and shares it in songs and it’s so amazing how many people can relate to it and connect to it and even people that can’t relate to what he’s been through can feel something so strong through his words. Twenty One Pilots are something special and need to be cherished and known because they are one of the most important bands out there today.

Can someone please link me to the vine where the girl is like oh yea daddy put it in and then she screams and it's actually singing, it's the song chandelier by sia


Empire lyricstuck

So I suppose I should offer an explanation, dear three people and a harp string in the Riddle-Master fandom. 

One, I blame neuxue for literally everything. This is entirely her fault. Blame her for me cluttering up your tags with my bad art. 

Two, this is a lyricstuck, alternately known as a songset, a song comic, a lyric comic, or like fifty other things. They originated in the Homestuck fandom, but they’re really an all-purpose art form, and they’re a huge amount to fun to plan and draw. They basically consist of a panel of art accompanied by one or two lines of the lyrics from a song, and can span a single chorus or the whole damn song. I, erm, did the second. To the great detriment of all my free time for the past few days.

To read a lyricstuck, you play the song, which is usually provided at the top, and then scroll with the lyrics as the song goes on. It’s p intuitive, to be honest.

Mostly, I had a lot of fun playing with brushes while making this, being that I only recently got my tablet (I have a tablet aaaaa), and I still haven’t figured out how to draw people on it so, um, yeah. The art quality in this is not the best. Just a warning. Also, I started associating colors with the mains at some point, so be warned. Morgon’s color is brown, Raederle’s color is red, and Deth is green.

And now I’ll shut my face. Enjoy!

that video from 2004 just makes me cry because morrissey said “i was just there, dying, and [johnny marr] rescued me,” like he wanted so desperately to be seen and heard but he was in his 20s and he felt like his life was going nowhere and that he’d never amount to anything and now millions of people around the world adore him and his music and know every word of his songs and i’m so glad that johnny marr knocked on his door