kizuitehoshii said:

(Two letters if that's alright!) I & O

I: a song that gives me butterflies

(i’ve never really thought about it that way, butterflies. hmm if a song made me feel overwhelmed and blissful at the same time i’d describe it as being too much for me to take haha. especially music from ao and mate)

O: a melancholic song

  • galileo galilei / siren
  • 徐若瑄 (vivian hsu) feat. sugizo / 她他 (she, he) 
  • 노민우 (no minwoo) / first snow 
  • tiesto / close to you 
  • no respect for beauty / day of departure (kindie4u: “I’ve been meaning to post this for months, but always ended up going with something else. It’s 5 minutes and 30 seconds long, which is lengthy for my short attention span, but I find myself putting it on repeat. This song is beautiful. On days that I’m off my game, this song just seems to capture everything I’m feeling and everything that I want to say.”)

(thanks for the two letters :) can’t decide on just one song so i thought i’d list a few)

New Map
  • New Map
  • M83
  • Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Song rec of the day: New Map by M83

There’s a hole in your heart, begging for adventure.
Play yourself a new track, set traps for the future.
On your own, Can you do it?
The unknown, Can you face it?
Shifting desire, shifting desire, shifting desire…