stasiathelion said:

The Doctor and Rose is my OTP. Thoughts?

Which Doctor? Personally, I don’t mind 10 and Rose, as long as people don’t think she’s the only one he’ll ever love. He loves all his companions, and though it was different with Rose, he’s been in love before.

I actually like 9 and Rose better though. She changes him for the better and it’s beautiful. He’s really in awe of her and it’s just great. Tough guy gets softened by great girl. She’s really special to 9, she’s his first light in a long time, and she gives him hope.

stasiathelion said:

In response to your recently asked question: Who are you

? Stasia! Whats your favorite color? Violet Favorite ship? ALL THE SHIPS! But really, Malec or Percabeth or The Doctor and Rose. Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee Do you have a cat? Regrettably, no. I have a question for you... What is your favorite ship?

Ah! Stasia, it’s absolutely fantastic to meet you. Mm, Coffee ice cream.. And we are the Catless. my favorite ship… my armada is quite large. Janto or maybe Amy/Rory? Troy and Abed from Community and also Ryan Ross/Dan Keyes. because OTP. Thanks for sending this, I like meeting people :3