Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
  • Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
  • Brand New
  • Deja Entendu

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20 August 2014 - Song #20

The first Cross Country practice is tomorrow. It’s the only thing running through my mind right now. I used to listen to Brand New a lot during my freshman and sophomore years. I remember listening to Me vs Maradona vs Elvis on the bus to track meets. During a long XC race, I wanted The Quiet Things No One Every Knows to play in my head, but I had to force it. I’m going to bed now. I need to get up early tomorrow.

What You Need (The Weeknd cover)
  • What You Need (The Weeknd cover)
  • Banks
  • BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

3/365 - JANUARY 3RD, 2015

What You Need (The Weeknd cover) - BANKS

yeah i know, three BANKS songs in a row to start off the new year is awfully repetitive but when i decided to start posting a song a day, i told myself that i would only post what i was genuinely obsessed with on that day and ever since seeing her on NYE, i’ve been listening to her music exclusively. i love this cover she did for the BBC Live Lounge because her voice sounds so dark and mysterious and kinda sexy. it’s been stuck in my head on a loop all day today so obviously couldn’t not pick this as my song of the day. i’m so happy i’ve finally found a female artist that really makes me feel empowered when i listen to her stuff. 

“ … let me get some friction on your lips …”


Jonathan has been recording a song a day since ’09 — and he finally scored a hit 

The Supreme Court decision in the recent Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. sparked major controversy throughout the nation, but it also inspired a viral moment. Last week, a man posted a simply recorded song that he created from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing 35-page dissenting opinion. Social media and news outlets such as BuzzFeed and the Washington Post glommed onto the video. Salon covered it too, with a viral article titled “Someone just turned Justice Ginsburg’s blistering Hobby Lobby dissent into a song.”

But that lucky “someone” behind our latest RBG moment has actually been one of the most quietly insistent presences in American history and music for the last half-decade. Jonathan Mann has been quirkily documenting these years through a song every day and posting each on YouTube since 2009. This one was lucky No. 2,007.

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i wanted to walk home from work today
but it was supposed to rain
so i paid 2.25
for the subway
i listened to “angel gone” and “honey pot”,
it was a good end
to an ok day

first storm of the summer

i was anticipating
darkening sky crash boom then candles
cause each year these scenes repeat
whether in a city or in the country

six years ago,
may 5th,
you me and margarita lips
we sat on the roof in the rain for a while

the first storm of the summer
ooh ooh ohh
first storm of the summer
it didn’t come
for me today



somebody’s driving and he will be drinking.