[Samsung Vietnam] Interviewing the 2 winners

(Woo Bin)He is very friendly and gallant. He was always active in every scene and he also helped them feel natural and comfortable while filming. Ms. Ji Hyo is very sociable, she actively tries to communicate in English with her co-stars, she tried to pronounce his(the winner?) name properly, sound cute.

JiHyo asked Tram(the female winner) “how old are you?”, Tram told JiHyo she was 17, the two(WooBin+JiHyo?) got a shock. Woobin teased JiHyo saying she(Tram) should call her aunt?(or…?)

Rough~~~~~~ translations… based on google haha. Correct us if we are wrong XD help greatly appreciated! XDXD @w@

Cr: SamsungLiving

"Running Man" Cast Goes For A Meal Together

“Running Man” Cast Goes For A Meal Together

The cast of  the hit SBS variety show “Running Man” has recently went out for a meal together, proving the bond they show on-screen is not just for show!

On September 30, Lee Kwang Soo uploaded on his personal Twitter page a photo of himself together with his “Running Man” co-members Gary, HaHa, Kim Jong Gook, and Song Ji Hyo seated at a dining area that’s filled with delicious-looking…

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