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song challenge (VW edition) - day 1 - my favorite song
∟white sky

sit on the park wall / ask all the right questions / ”why are the horses racing taxis in the winter?” / look up at the buildings / imagine who might live there / imagining your wolfords in a ball upon the sink there

One song a day for the next 100 days. I hope you guys join me!

01. A song that makes you smile.
02. A song that makes you laugh.
03. A song that makes you cry.
04. A song that makes you want to dance.
05. A song that helps clear your head.
06. A song that always gets stuck in your head.
07. A song that gets you pumped up.
08. A song that calms you down.
09. A song that means a lot to you.
10. A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it.
11. A song that would be the theme song of your life.
12. A song that reminds you of summer.
13. A song that reminds you of winter.
14. A song that reminds you of a family member.
15. A song that you would consider a guilty pleasure.
16. A song that was released in the ‘60s.
17. A song that was released in the ‘70s.
18. A song that was released in the ‘80s.
19. A song that was released in the ‘90s.
20. A song that was released in the ‘00s.
21. A song that was released this year.
22. A song that needs more recognition.
23. A song that everyone knows the lyrics to.
24. A song that got you hooked on a band.
25. A song that you loved right from the first 5 seconds.
26. A song that you need to be in a certain mood to listen to.
27. A song that will always be in your top 5 favorites.
28. A song that's connected with a memory.
29. A song that’s very simple and repetitive but you love anyway.
30. A song that’s a one hit wonder.
31. A song that’s a power ballad.
32. A song with a line you would tattoo on your body.
33. A song with a color in the title.
34. A song with a number in the title.
35. A song with a place in the title.
36. A song with a name in the title.
37. A song with more than 5 words in the title.
38. A song with a question as the title.
39. A song with a one syllable title.
40. A song with “Q” as the first letter of the title.
41. A song with “K” as the first letter of the title.
42. A song with “F” as the first letter of the title.
43. A song with “N” as the first letter of the title.
44. A song with “E” as the first letter of the title.
45. A song with “J” as the first letter of the title.
46. A song with the word “fire” in the title.
47. A song with the word “under” in the title.
48. A song with the word “little” in the title.
49. A song with the word “go” in the title.
50. A song with the word “eye” in the title.
51. A song with a great title.
52. A song with a great guitar solo.
53. A song with a great drum solo.
54. A song with a great keyboard solo.
55. A song with great vocal harmonies.
56. A song with lyrics that could read like poetry.
57. A song you haven't listened to in a long time.
58. A song you had to look up the lyrics to.
59. A song you sing in the shower.
60. A song you liked this time last year.
61. A song you liked when you were younger.
62. A song you tap/drum/hum the beat of.
63. A song you can play on an instrument.
64. A song you wish you could play on an instrument.
65. A song you play when you can’t sleep.
66. A song you can't help but sing along to.
67. A song you hate from a band you love.
68. A song you used to love but now hate.
69. A song you would choose for karaoke.
70. A song you're currently obsessed with.
71. A song your parents played in the car when you were younger.
72. A song people wouldn't expect you to like.
73. A song by an artist that goes by a one word name.
74. A song by a band's lead singer.
75. A song by a band with a ridiculous name.
76. A song by a band you have on a T-shirt.
77. A song by a two-person band.
78. A song by a band with more than 5 people in it.
79. A song from a genre you usually dislike.
80. A song from an album with a beautiful cover.
81. A song from an original film score.
82. A song from a musical.
83. A song from a TV show theme.
84. A song in another language.
85. A song under 2 minutes long.
86. A song over 6 minutes long.
87. A song for a rainy day.
88. A song for a road trip.
89. A song for moving on.
90. A song for not giving a shit.
91. A song without words.
92. A song cover better than the original.
93. A song with an acoustic version better than the original.
94. A song from a really obscure band.
95. A song currently stuck in your head.
96. A song you've seen performed live.
97. A song by one of your favorite bands. (#1)
98. A song by one of your favorite bands. (#2)
99. A song by one of your favorite bands. (#3)
100.  A song.  Actually, not just “A song”. THE SONG. 
Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
  • Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

song challenge (AM edition) - day 15 - a song i haven’t heard in a while
∟red light indicates doors are secured

well calm down temper temper, you shouldn’t get so annoyed / you’re acting like a silly little boy / they wanted to be men and do some fighting in the street / he said no surrender, no chance of retreat

Song challenge - a little smutty

so mellamoaiko put up this song challenge

and i love it! so here’s another one:

'Get Some' by Lykke Li

Don’t pull your pants before I go down
Don’t turn away, this is my time
Don’t make demands, I don’t take none
Just say a prayer that it gon’ get done

Don’t pull your pants before I go down
Don’t turn away, this is my time
Like a shotgun needs an outcome
I’m your prostitute, you gon’ get some


She pushed him up against the wall of the underpass hard.  His surprised laugh was smothered by her mouth, lusty, insistent. 

“Alright girl.”  He breathed, his hands finding her breasts under her shirt.  She’d been in a mood all evening, but he had been determined to have a nice dinner; they didn’t get to come to London that often; he’d even wore a nice buttoned shirt and clean jeans for the occasion.  He heard some hollering from some lads at the other end of the underpass and knew they had to stop; this place was far too public.  He pulled his hands away but she pushed him into the wall harder.

“I want you now.”  Rae’s voice hissed from her throat and Finn felt his body simultaneously melt and harden in response.

“Fucking hell.”  His voice barely made a sound as her lips travelled down his chin to his Adam’s apple, her fingers in his hair pulling his head back.  Finn’s eyes flitted to the group of lads at the end of the underpass, not coming any closer, just watching and laughing.  “We gotta stop Rae.”  He groaned.  She took his shirt in her hands and tore it open in response.  Loud hollers from the lads as Rae sank to her knees, kissing his chest on the way down. 

Finn looked down at her on her knees in front of him, she licked the line of the zipper of his pants, her eyes on his, a sinuous grin playing with the corners of her mouth. 

“Fucking go it boy!”  One of the lads called out and Finn bit his bottom lip.

“Rae…” he groaned as she slowly undid his zip, “We can’t.”  He looked over at the lads and then back down at Rae.  She had her hand in his pants, his cock throbbing almost painfully for her.

“D’you really want me to stop cos o’ a few wankers?”  She asked, perfectly still, her eyes filled with lust.  Finn barely felt his head moving, but he was surprised with himself as he slowly shook his head.  She had pulled his cock from his pants the minute his head started to move and was licking it expertly.  Finn rolled his head back, the noises she made and the cheering of the lads ringing his ears.  She took his full length down her throat and he groaned and laced his fingers into her hair.  Rae put her hands on his hips and pulled him into her mouth harder as she greedily sucked his cock.  Finn started to thrust into her mouth, much to the delight of the lads watching.  But they were forgotten now.  Now it was all about her, about her wanting him.  She licked the end of his cock and gently stroked the shaft and kept her eyes on his.

“Cum in my mouth.”  She ordered him, “Then take me back to the hotel and fuck me like a whore.”  Finn grinned and nodded and took hold of her hair and thrust into her mouth, focusing on the pleasure he felt and the look of desire in her eyes.  Even the hooting of the lads was a turn on now. 

He came with a loud cry and Rae made that triumphant sound she always made as he filled her mouth with his cum.   She licked the end of his cock, longs strands of cum between her lips and his glans.  The lads were making noises of disbelief as Rae swallowed and sucked on his cock again making sure she got all of his cum.  Finn slipped his still hard cock back into his pants and helped her up.

“C’mon.”  He said urgently and dragged her from the underpass, she was laughing lustily as they set off at a brisk jog to the hotel, the lads cheering behind them; thanking her for the show loudly.