Guys, Really.

Today we beat the biggest fandoms in the WORLD.

Little Monsters,
Miley Cyrus fans, 

and many more.

We made a statement tonight. And we let the world know that we nothing to play around with. 

Good job, Sones. 

Why SM is at fault and not the artists

So, I’ve been lurking around tumblr and found that some people are defending SM–the usual– “It’s not always SM’s fault. Stop blaming them.” Well, can you really help it? So far, all of their past idol groups have either turned against them or someone disbanded. Yes, ever since the start of H.O.T., SM’s had a bad reputation. These are just a couple of reasons why I think SM is a bad company and why I support the artists who want something more than just be their little puppets. 

Reasons why SM is bad:

- Lee Soo Man has taken the artists money from them just to build his own 4.8 million dollar mansion in L.A. Of course, sment refuses to say anything about this and remains to be shady. 

- After JYJ has won the lawsuit against them, SM bribed music shows that if JYJ was allowed to perform in shows such as Inkigayo, Music Bank, etc. they would not allow big groups such as EXO, SNSD, or SHINee to perform. Therefore, JYJ was left out in the dark. 

- In the past, SM has neglected artists’ health including SUJU’s Hangeng. The well-known Hangeng has filed a lawsuit against SM for this and eventually won, but he had moved to China ever since so sment would not have such a heavy influence on him. 

Reason why I support Jessica: 

What I’ve been hearing is, “Jessica wanted to leave GG, so sment left her out.” Wrong. It’s true Jessica had plans to study fashion and start her first business, BLANC, but she never stated that she wanted to leave. In fact, she said the opposite. All she wanted was to finish up some activities of SNSD and release one more album next spring before focusing on her other work. I mean, who can blame her? Running a business is a tough job and rather demanding. Just because she’s an idol doesn’t mean she can’t have other dreams that she wishes to accomplish. Overall, it was SM who dropped her, not herself. Now, what I don’t understand with SM is… are they that greedy for money? Enough to force poor Jessica out? How come other artists in YG and JYP get to run their own clothing line yet still be able to promote as a group? Of course, Jessica does plan on studying in New York but it's not the first time a kpop idol had done overseas study and still returned to their group. What is up SM? 

Reason why I support Kris: (This is important even if you are a sone please read it will make sense in the conlusion)

Now, when I first heard the news, I was pretty understanding of his situation. Most people thought, “How could he leave those 11 boys? He’s selfish and a traitor.” I’m not going to lie, even though I supported Kris, there was a tiny thought of that at the back of my mind. BUT once Kris left EXO, I started to gain more confidence in siding with him rather than SM (I still support the rest of EXO) Why? Well, isn’t just convenient that right after he left from his label, a ton opportunities came at him in China? 

- He got to sing the OST for a popular movie, which is rare since Kris is the rapper in EXO.

- Kris has the male lead role in a movie filmed in Prague. 

- Kris is set to do charity work with Fan Bing Bing, a world-class celebrity known for her acting and fashion

- He is currently filming a movie with Hangeng and Joo Won in a Korean- Chinese movie as one of the lead roles.

Keep in mind, these events happened right after he left–not in a span of 6 months, which is even more impressive. So what I’m trying to say here is SM has been obviously been keeping Kris out from pursuing other activities from EXO.Being casted in two movies takes a lot of time, yet these happened within three months. At this time, I was able to sympathize with Kris. If he stayed in sment, there was no way he would be able to pursue these, that is why I believe he tried to negotiate with SM, but wouldn’t allow him. So, knowing all the opportunities that were offered to him, he had to leave EXO to pursue them. 

Kris wasn’t selfish. He was just doing what any human being would do. He couldn’t have the best of both worlds so he went with his gut and now look where he is. He’s gotten more projects than the other member’s in EXO separately. If SM hadn’t been so greedy, maybe Kris would still be performing with the boys. 

In conclusion:

SM has done the same mistake they did with Kris as they did with Jessica. Just look at the facts–both of them wanted to do something other than being an idol. Kris wanted to act, and Jessica wanted to be in the fashion business. Yet, SM turns both of them down for doing so, enough to kick them out of the group and they’re forced to be outsiders. Just like Jessica was forced out from GG, Kris was also alienated by all the members, calling him irresponsible and a traitor. Basically, SM still has not learned their lesson. When will this end? What about in the future? Will we let this company destroy other groups that people have loved, only to be heartbroken? That is up to you to decide. To complain is one thing, but to take lethal action is a whole different level.

if you actually think snsd are better than 2ne1 then THAT IS perfectly okay, it’s your opinion :) the wars between our fandoms need to stop. i’m a bj but i’m perfectly fine with snsd and sone. obviously, as a blackjack, i see 2ne1 as the better group, but i recognise snsd are also talented and i don’t mind if you think differently. let’s just not fight about it :D

i just wanted to apologize to SONEs and even if they won’t read this, SNSD, for being a former SNSD hater. I called them fake, ugly, talentless, plastic, and many more insults. I was one of the people who bullied Taeyeon when it was revealed that she was dating Baekhyun. i regret doing all that, and my apology may not sound sincere, but I’m sorry. I’ll try to give them a chance this year and the years after that. Maybe i could even become a SONE.