International Missing Children’s Day 2015  |  ‘Somewhere’ (Within Temptation feat. Anneke)

Today we remember all the children that are missing and we honor them with the song ‘Somewhere’, which we think should become an anthem for this cause. We hope that someday you will be back home safe.

I’ll find you somewhere
 I’ll keep on trying until my dying day
 I just need to know whatever has happened
 The truth will free my soul

I know we joke around a lot about how I have shitty luck- but I actually think all my luck was used up making so many great friends these past five years- special shout out to tinybro for living with me for so damn long! And nephriel, kurahpikah, greensunprincess, summoner-starlight, hyperionnebulae, and even somewhere-in-the-dungeon for putting up with me at my best and my worse. I love and miss you guys so much. Best friends forever, ok?

  • Fanfic | Somewhere In Neverland | Bobby
  • Chapter Seven | The Painful Truth 
  • Two chapters in one day, and this one is probably the longest and possibly most emotional one so far? This is gonna end up being a favorite chapter of mine, so I hope it’s likeddd~ 

“We’ll talk about how your parents separated and, how you don’t wanna make the same mistakes as them.” 

           Hanbin made the decision later that day that the whole gang should hang out and have a fun night together, and you sensed it had something to do with the slight tension between you and Bobby. It was weird, and you didn’t recall doing or saying anything in the last 24 hours that set him off, but clearly you must’ve done something to make him behave the way he was now.

           It didn’t really matter, you shook it off and stayed on the couch right in the front of the TV for about an hour before Junhoe knocked on the door and later joined you, and the other boys soon followed.

           “How are the universities looking?” you asked Donghyuk when he stepped into the apartment.

           You noticed he didn’t look so excited after he heard your question, and the only thing you received as an answer was a slight shrug of the shoulders and a low mumble you didn’t completely hear.

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you wanted the fuckignb fic ub got the fuckIN fic have fuckin at it WHY NOT

“what the fuck,” liam says, eyes full of fear, “is this?”

louis frowns from where he’s tucked against harry’s side, considering. the thing liam is holding looksto be their extra large anal beads they’d bought on a whim last summer, used twice, and then forgotten about.

“anal beads, i think,” louis responds, smiling up at harry. he loved their kinky shit. “they looked so good comin’ out of your arse, babe.”

harry curls his fingers into louis’s shoulder with a grin, “i couldn’t sit for days. it was beautiful.“ 

liam chokes, dropping the beads on the floor and slamming the oven back closed. louis would have wondered why the beads were even in the oven, but he was distracted by harry suddenly wriggling on top of his lap.


louis and harry have always been strangely open with their sex life, which probably came from being brought up in two very liberal households, respectively.

harry had always asked his mum questions when he was younger, stuff like why he was so obsessed with how nice bananas were ("well, harry, some boys like boys, and you seem to be one of them. it’s perfectly normal. make sure to be safe, use a condom, and get tested regularly.”), and louis’s mum had never left him without some tidbit of uncomfortable advice (“never ever blow in someone’s arsehole, louis. you might rupture something.”)

it had gotten worse when they met at the x factor, both mums coming together and buying the boys sex books and guides on how to be safe and telling them that consent was always necessary. 

now, it seems to have extended to them both, to the point where if any of the boys make even a vague innuendo they (loudly) reminisce about the various times they’ve fucked in closets. (“a beautiful irony,” louis had declared the first time it had happened, jeans still halfway down his arse, “just beautiful!”)

it’s probably why, when niall is innocently digging into the sofa cushions to find the last of his crisps and instead finds a bejewelled buttplug, they don’t hesitate to launch into the story.

“well, you see, i really like louis’s glasses. he always looks like a hot teacher-”

“that’s why he calls me sir!” louis trills, smiling up at his boy whilst harry just grins cheekily back. 

“-anyway, he looks really hot, and i decided he deserved a treat, because he wrote no control and all. and i opened myself and put this in, because i’d bought it without him knowing, and gave him a lapdance. and when he felt it, he spanked me until i was trembling, and pulled it out. it must have fell into the cushions, or something, because we didn’t see it again. we were too caught up in the act.”

niall suddenly looks horrified, dropping the buttplug and watching as it rolls away.

“you mean,” he chokes, and his eyes look to be full of tears, “that hasn’t been fucking washed since it was up your arse!”

harry pouts, and louis glares. harry’s arse is phenominally clean -louis would know.

“don’t talk about his arse like it’s a bad thing, niall! i’m very proud of it.”

still, they make sure to wash the pink plug as soon as niall leaves.


the third and final time it happens, they’ve just stopped fucking in the studio, and zayn’s walked in, arms full of takeaway boxes.

“thanks, mate. need to keep our energy up.” louis pokes harry in the dimple, still trying to regain his own breath from moment before when harry had been rocking back onto his cock.

zayn’s eyes suddenly widen, as if horrified. louis wishes this would stop happening, that they stopped acting like sex was such a massive deal.

“is that a fucking cock ring.” he deadpans, staring at what, yes, is definitely a fallen warrior from the two lovers’ sex toy stash.

they hadn’t even gotten to use it. they’d both been too worked up from writing songs about sucking cock.

“poor thing,” harry mumbles, picking it off the floor, “probably just wants somewhere warm.”

louis has to hold zayn up before he faints, but it’s honestly worth it. as long as they get to show that sex is healthy, that’s all that matters. (also, their boys’ horrified faces are fucking hilarious).

The definition of true love: when 6nips understands your need for crack fic based on this post and fucking submits a fic in your inbox within 20 minutes 

Imagine Chanyeol finding Jongin reading in their room. Everyone else is busy pretending to be Thor or Iron Man, taking videos of each other, and making a ton of noise in general. Chanyeol’s a little surprised to see Jongin sitting so calmly with a book in his hand.

“Why are you reading that?” Chanyeol pushes the book against Jongin’s face to see the cover more clearly. “Mythical Journeys and Travel?” He scrunches his nose.

“I moved around a lot,” Jongin replies simply. He pushes his book off of his face and resumes reading after adding,“These books have given me more comfort, excitement, and adventure than any virtual reality ever could.”

Chanyeol stares at him for a moment, thinking how mature Jongin sounds.

An hour later, Kyungsoo finds Chanyeol reading “The Tao of Physics.” Chanyeol picked the book because it had Tao’s name in it, plus he thought he could seem intellectual like Jongin.

“Why are you reading that?” Kyungsoo asks.

“I didn’t move around a lot. These books have given me lots of excitement and interesting stuff.”

“Oh my god, you make no sense I’m sorry I asked.”