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Leif chuckled lightly and crossed his arms. “It’s always complex when demons are involved. Especially if I’m here.” He scratched the back of his head, remembering he hadn’t introduced himself. “I’m Leif… man, I’m bad at this.”

Sagan chuckled a bit, “A-actually, you’re the f-first to notice I was a demon r-right from the start.” He laughed a bit more. “I j-just followed Analix to this place,” He opened his arms to refer to the entire grounds they were on. “S-So I guess I’m n-not that complex.”

“D-Don’t worry about it…I’m b-bad at s-social interactions myself…” He let out a small smile. “I’m Sagan. It’s a p-pleasure to meet you, Leif.”

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Sagan heard a slight noise as he began to pick one last rose to add to the mounting bundle of ‘last’ flowers he now held in his arms. Upon standing, he found a new guest in the garden. After letting out a sigh, remembering he was the only one in the manor at this point. “H-hello,” He called out to them, “C-can I help you with s-something?” He forced the words to leave his lips.


Glenn had been walking around the street by himself it had been his turn to go out on a run for supplies and he had checked a couple cars on the way into the small town that was near them. He finally reached the outside of the town, he prepared himself just in case there were any walkers around. He walked to the end of the street looking at the stores before approaching one. As he got near the store he heard something behind him, he spun around ready to attack when he saw it was a man not a walker.