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Is there a website or somewhere that you learned on how to make body figures and gestures?

No, everything I’ve learned comes from reading shorter web tutorials and from observation.

If you want to get good tips when it comes to gestures, i suggest you look up tips from professional animators, such as Richard Williams or Glen Keane. You’d be surprised how much basic animation principles can also apply to life drawing.

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Hey there Ling, sorry if this bothers you or something it's just i had to tell this to an artist and i rushed to you?? The thing is i've been having this huge artblock for months, like, i cannot draw a single thing i don't know what to draw and i'm, again, having issues with my style and stuff. I was wondering if you had some tips for getting out of this, i want to draw so badly but i just, can´t.

Hi!! Don’t worry about it, I’m here to listen always!! 

I really wish I could offer sound advice, but I’m afraid I can’t offer a solution confidently T_T I really think you shouldn’t try to force anything though, the pressure’s probably high to get out of the funk, but if it persists maybe just don’t think about it for a while? Sometimes inspiration can strike when you least expect it!! 

If you can’t come up with anything new, then I think you could also try doing studies of pictures or even other artists’ work (provided you credit them and use it just to learn, of course) It could give you new information to think on and manipulate to draw something new? I used to try just doing studies when I didn’t know what to ^_T

I’m sorry!! I’m in a bit of a funk myself now too, so I understand how you feel. I really hope you can recover soon, feel free to message me more if you have any concerns or just want to vent about it ToT I wish you the best of luck!!


i found this and i have no idea if anyone drew it yet, but i had to draw johndave for this one. trash shhh 

based on the fact that both probably have to see eachothers eyes before they change, i’m sure jack shit would happen until dave reveals his eyes. Dave would of course immediatly recognize his own red unique color, but refuse to let john see his until he’s confessed his love. wouldnt want john to fall for him because of some obligatory soulmate bullshit reason. 

i love aus

[Pansexual and panromantic are real AND valid]

Mine, please and thank you

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genice ; ; I've been following your art for 3 years but now i need help orz how do you manage to draw profiles? ;^; like i wanna draw anime characters but they're kinda ugly lol help me pls ;;;

wahhh 3 years!!! thanks for sticking w me so long anon ;;;

i think with drawing faces at any angle, it really helps to understand them as 3-D shapes!

to me, anime styles are just a kind of caricature, so i think it helps to learn how stuff works realistically first, and then simplify+exaggerate things from there into the style you want

a few common “mistakes” i observe frequently when people draw side profiles (and sometimes in my own side profiles) are disproportioned and/or incorrectly angled features

i’m sure there are artists that can pull those “mistakes” off tho! with things like cartoon/anime styles there’s an almost infinite number of ways to distort proportions and stylize things, so when it all comes down i don’t think there’s a definite right or wrong for how stuff should be done (just some better and not so better ways haha..)

imo it’s just important and really helpful to (at least) understand certain fundamentals before deviating from them!

drawing fat bodies

i deleted the previous ask because my internet wasnt uploading the images correctly, here it is again.

i tend to draw fat bodies with most of the weight/fat being balanced in the stomach/upper thighs, thats kind of where it settles for me. dont be afraid of drawing stomachs that actually stick out!!

i think its good to remember theres a lot more flesh on fat bodies, and that flesh can accumulate in a lot of different ways. sometimes legs and arms can be very skinny and the stomach area is more fat. sometimes its evenly distributed and theres a lot of fat on the arms and legs. 

thats it i guess? i think its also good to actually look at real life bodies and just.. look at how weight is distributed, because its always different.  

Oh no. I did the creepy creeper artist thing.

I’m so sorry. I haven’t done that in like…years.

Hopefully you aren’t offended by my terrible attempt at drawing your face.

I’m sorry

But your profile

it beckoned me


I could not capture it’s awesome. But I tried. But I failed. DDDD:

The Book of Disappointment

So, The Book of Life.

I had a good time at this movie, which goes to show that story quality isn’t everything, but then I got a ticket for free. And real tickets cost money so I’m going to be critical.

-The Book of Life was a gorgeously rendered but really big mess of themes, characters, tropes, cliche after cliche, and song covers your dad will love.

Jorge Gutierrez’s lively designs and colors are stunning nonetheless, and so if you want to see some of that I would say go spend your 12 bucks. However, if you wanted a decent story this is not the movie for you, which is a disappointment, because the environments and designs are so rich. But in my opinion well designed sets and characters do not a movie make.

Read on? Here be spoilers. And pictures.


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what my headcanon willow looks like idk

for some reason the colors on this look really bright and weird on my phone but not other computers so i recommend looking at this with a computer

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do you use sai? if so then what r ur brush settings

i use sai & photoshop cs5 or cs6 , but i’m using ps a lot more recently. only problem is i use a LOOOTTT of settings depending on my mood or style or w/e so i’ll jst share the ones i use the most

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No background ‘cause I seriously am just so lazy and bleeeh.


This was stuck in my head for a while, woooo. I just have this headcanon of Artemis doing spring cleaning or something because man was her closet getting messy and she stumbles upon this old teddy bear. It’s just memory lane all of a sudden, and it’s one of the few moment when Artemis simply breaks down because she’s remembering the times she had held that bear as a child. She’s remembering her sister (please tell me we all know it’s Cheshire at this point) leaving, and she’s remember her family pretty much being ripped apart, all thanks to her dad.


Yeah, in my headcanon, it’s the same bear we all saw in Homefront.

Artemis © Young Justice

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