a one time thing (and other untruths) (15/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

"She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: I don’t normally like to post new chapters at night, but I’ll make an exception. Feel free to message me with comments/questions/concerns/etc. Hope you guys like this one. Oh, and, fun fact (because I don’t think this will ever come across clear enough in the fic): Killian’s aunt, Tink’s mother, is the Blue Fairy. I couldn’t very well call her Blue, though (but Tink’s last name is Greene, because I think I’m funny sometimes), so she’s Shay (short for Shaylee), which is a Celtic/Gaelic name meaning ‘fairy princess of the field.’ The more you know and all that. And also - it’s not over yet, so fret not. There’s still (quite) a bit of story left. 

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            “Are you and Killian dating?”

            She nearly chokes on her frozen yogurt.

            That was not the response she expected to ‘Killian’s gonna pick you up from school tomorrow.’


            Her son shrugs nonchalantly (except he doesn’t do anything nonchalantly) and takes another bite of his yogurt.

            “Just curious.” He looks at her, then, eyes serious, all gentle reassurance. From her ten year old. “But it’s okay if you are. I won’t be upset.”

            This isn’t how she wanted to do this.

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I’m still so torn about this episode i honestly loved rin’s backstory and the fresh air and change of scenery that haru experienced but makoto was just pushed aside completely like he always is and i just can’t accept that

I drew this after episode 9 but didn’t find the courage to post it then… anyway it’s never too late to hug our Haru (especially after episode 11! We all love you Haru!).

People really need to grasp the concept that a man does not need to be feminized in order to be drawn doing ballet. Ballet AUs used to be one of my favorite things but then people started taking it as an excuse to constantly draw Sherlock (and others) in highly feminized costumes or outfits and John in uber masculinized rugby gear and then the whole AU just picked up this cheap-yaoi-manga-esque vibe of “STRONG MASCULINE WHO ROLLS AROUND IN DIRT MEETS WAIF-LIKE DAINTY FEMININE WITH TOESHOES” and it’s been really difficult recently to find any art that keeps Sherlock as a masculine figure while simultaneously performing ballet. Like, there is nothing wrong with drawing Sherlock crossdressing or whatever other AUs people want, but I think there’s a big lack of understanding and respect for male dancers in general and I find the whole “Now he does ballet so he’s wearing frilly skirts” concept kind of insulting and grossly stereotypical if there’s not a further backstory to the person’s specific au

Okay, everyone wants more of this, too, so for you all, theangryguardianangel, empressberenene, and yetanotherramblingfangirl, Part 3 of the Accident!Mothership ‘verse (Sharon/Rusty)

The pain hit her first; it was everywhere, her face, her chest, her limbs… but at least she could breathe again; her eyes finally opening tentatively, looking for a familiar face in the flurry of activity, but there was none to be found. 

She groaned, squeezing the empty air where she vaguely remembered his hand had been (he had been with her, hadn’t he? She hadn’t dreamed it?), and closing her eyes once more against the pain. 

Suddenly she heard him, shouting in that pitch that indicated true, complete distress, and she writhed, trying to break free of the hands and wires restraining her; but her body wouldn’t cooperate, her voice wouldn’t obey—“shhh, calm down, you were in an accident, you’re going to be okay,” she finally heard, and she fought for a moment more before everything went black again. 

send me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic

okay so! ive made a decision and i think i’m going to self-diagnose as autistic. i’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of thinking, and i’ve talked to some others with autism/have self-diagnosed, and i think that this really fits me. i want to id as an aspie and see where this goes. thanks to everyone who has been super supportive and helped me out with resources and such!

one time me and my sister went to the fair and this pro-life group cornered us in this booth and made us hold those fetus models and wouldnt let us leave (like they wouldnt let us politely question their practices even tho we were pretty shy and frightened— one lady grabbed my sister’s arm and made her sit in this chair just to get screamed at) and worried bc they were handing out free glittery accessory bags to minors we went to the coordinators who were really upset this was happening, got their booth shut down and a free ride on the scrambler and thats my small story of social justice