For somesimplegirl (I'll write the questions out as well for you :DD) If anoyone else wishes to read through 50 questions and 50 answers .... be my guest
  1. Last person I held hands with? - A girl I was out on a date with :/
  2. Am I loud, outgoing or shy? - I’m a mix of all 3, depending on the situation
  3.  Who am I looking forward to seeing? - Work friends when I have work today
  4. Am I easy to get along with? - Yes, if you can handle a little bit of harmless flirting x3
  5. Have I ever given up on someone and gone back to them? - Yes :/
  6. If I was drunk, would the person I like care for me? It would be extremely hard for them to xD
  7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship in 2 months time? - Probably not but I’ll try to get one :’)
  8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind? - That would be telling ;D
  9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? - Oh hell no ;)
  10. Who was the last person I had a deep conversation with? - Probably Jessica AKA Trooper ♥ 
  11.  What does your most recent text say? - Ermmm *phone got cut off months ago* :’(
  12. Abortion? - People can do whatever they want, but I don’t think it’s right
  13. Crowds? - I try to avoid them as much as possible
  14. Luck and Miracles? - Luck, yes …. Miracles, no
  15. What good thing happened this summer? - Birthday TUMBLR
  16. Would I kiss the last person I kissed again? - NO
  17. Life on other planets? - o.O Yes?
  18. Do I still talk to my first crush? - Extremely rarely, like, once a year. (Birthday messages count, right?)
  19. Bubble baths? FUCK YEAH :DD
  20. Neighbours? - They’re cool, the kids are annoying though
  21. Bad habits? - I enjoy clicking bones in my body, like fingers, neck etc
  22. Where would I like to travel? - USA …. I can meet my tumblr guys and girls :’)
  23. Trust issues? - Major trust issues :/
  24. Favourite part of daily routine? - Showering, only because my hair looks awesome afterwards :)
  25. Most uncomfortable body part? - Ermmmmmm ……
  26. What do I do when I wake up? - Smoke a cigarette, go to the toilet and shower
  27. Lighter or darker skin? - I’m cool with it now xD
  28. Most comfortable around? - Mum o.O
  29. Ex’s regret breaking up with me? - Not that I remember …..
  30. Marriage? - I guess so
  31. Hair long enough for a ponytail? - Erm, no
  32. Celebs for a threesome? - Kiera Knightley and Mina Kunis
  33. Spell my name with my chin? - daerhgyl joewerds (Daryl Jowers)
  34. Sports? - I used to … not any more :/
  35. TV or music? I kinda live without TV anyway, it’s not that bad to live without to be honest
  36. Liking someone and never told them? - Yes (not my situation now)
  37. What to say during awkward silences? - Derp?!
  38. Does age matter in a relationship? - Just as long as it’s legal ….
  39. Stores to shop in? - GAME? I do most of my shopping online :’)
  40. What to do after high school? - I’m past that stage in my life :’(
  41. Second chances? - I’ve given people second chances, only to be thrown in my face …. but I believe so
  42. If I’m extremely quiet, what does it mean? - Either deep in concentration or hiding something x3
  43. Smile at strangers? - I kinda have to, it’s part of my job :/
  45. Room mate? - No, it would be weird to have one
  46. Paranoid about? - Spiders being in my room, moths being in my room, anything that shouldn’t be in my room that is in my room
  47. Meanest thing someone ever said to me? - “I hope you stay single, no one would want you … to be honest, I don’t know why I spent a year and 4 months with you” <—— That hurt and has stayed with me for almost 4 years :/
  48. Nicest thing? - My mum, constantly telling me that she’s proud of me for sticking with my job :)
  49. Have I done something recently that I want no-one to find out? - No ……. *masturbated* There’s nothing *lots of masturbation*
  50. Language I want to learn? - Japanese and Korean ^.^

That took me about 40 minutes, so I hope you’re happy now :’)