SAILOR MOON is coming to Somerville’s own HUB COMICS—by way of the IN THE NAME OF THE MOON ART SHOW! 
When I proposed the idea to Hub, I honestly didn’t think they’d take me up on it—but they did! And it’s happening! And it’s going to be SO COMPLETELY AMAZING. Help us make it the glorious, glittery success it is destined to be by SUBMITTING YOUR ART TO THE SHOW! Do you cover canvases in pretty soldiers? Do you embroider attack phrases into delicate, floral samplers? Do you sculpt your own henshin wands? Send it all to hubcomics@gmail.com with IN THE NAME OF THE MOON in the subject line!

The opening reception will take place SATURDAY, AUGUST 30th, and the show will run through September. JPEG photographs of submissions need to be in by SATURDAY, AUGUST 16TH. For all the nitty-gritty details you need to be a part of this, click HERE to check out Hub’s informative announcement.

If you have any questions, send an email or tweet Hub’s way—they’re wonderful guys who are happy to help! You can also send me (the, ahem, ~co-producer~) an ask on tumblr or tweet at me. No question is too silly, detailed, or weird. Let’s show Boston what it means to be a magical girl!

(Totally rad poster by the totally rad Erica Henderson. Look at it. Look at those Tuxedo cheekbones.)



One of the independent municipal spokes radiating from the Boston hub, Somerville is type of the many industrial-residential communities that press upon the borders of the capital of the Commonwealth and which, proud of their own identity, have stood their ground against annexation to Boston. 

Massachusetts, A Guide To Its Places and People (WPA, 1937)

Darkness blankets the streets and buildings of Somerville, in this great dispatch from the Bay State. Gale Straub reports in for Field Assignment #6 - Architecture

This is my Massachusetts town at night.  Just outside of Boston, what used to be known as “Slumerville” is now populated by 20 and 30 somethings.  I grew up in rural NH, a 20 something myself, but I love to wander the streets here and catch commuters on their way home, patterns cast by streetlights, and reflections caught in windows.  I think the town looks a little emptier in my photos - but solitude is healthy, right?

On a related note, our friends at Today’s Document pointed out that the City of Somerville Archives are now on Tumblr. Follow ‘em!

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Find more hauntingly dark streets by following Gale Straub on Tumblr at somervillebynight.tumblr.com and then check out her other blog nogaleandlaura.tumblr.com

This one was fun from the beginning. Our very own @tattooed_and_screwed treated herself with this awesome Black Widow threaded end from @bvla . This is a Black Gold piece with a Genuine Ruby set right in the abdomen. Brian Moeller at the @bostontattoocompany #bodyjewelry #bodyvision #safepiercing #appmember #bvla #brianmoeller #bostontattoocompany #boston #somerville #legitbodypiercing #legitbodyjewelry #gold #goldfordays (at The Boston Tattoo Company)

If hearing “America the Beautiful” sung in eight different languages and seeing a gay couple rolllerskating with their daughter makes you angry, you need to calm down. It’s a big world. We speak 52 languages in Somerville alone. And if you’re going to be offended by same sex couples, you’re going to have to hide in a very small, out of the way place to avoid them - and I’m talking about small as in Population: You.

- Joe Curtatone

Are you following Somerville’s mayor on Facebook? Because he gets downright snappy and I love it.