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luthien is half angel / half high elf, she must be at least 8 feet tall

To be honest I kind of dislike how cartoonishly tall Tolkien imagined the Elves and Men of old. The one reference everyone uses is the Numenorean metric conversion system in Unfinished Tales, which if taken literally would put Elendil at nearly 8’ (240cm) and the tallest Elves, presumably, even taller than him. Ethereal and dangerous and weird are great, but I just don’t actually like the gap between Elves and Men being as big as the gap between Men and Hobbits. Elves that are in appearance almost, but not quite human feels more interesting to me than Elves so tall we’d never even get to see the Light of Valinor shining eerily in their eyes.

So I don’t take it literally. The average height in the tallest country in the world today (the Netherlands) is 6’0”(183cm) for men. So if the average height for men of Númenor before their decline was the same as that of Elves, 6’4”(193cm), and then it got steadily worse as they turned from the Valar, then I can arbitrarily declare that the average height of men of Númenor in Elendil’s time was 6’0”(183). If Elendil was ten inches taller than average (6’10”, 208), he’d be intensely imposing without being at a height that in the real world is associated with devastating bone density and health issues. 

I tend to assume Elves had, on average, an inch or two on Numenoreans, for a population average of 6’5”(195cm) for men and 6’(183) for women. Unfinished Tales claims Galadriel is the tallest Elven woman at 6’4”(193), but Lúthien, not technically being an Elven woman, could have been a little taller (and probably was, Thingol being noted for his height). 

By contrast the Edain would be shorter than we’re accustomed to. Because of malnutrition and disease, the average woman in the Roman Empire was 155cm(5’1”) and the average man was 168cm(5’6”). The House of Beor is noted to be shorter than the Hadorians but taller than the Halethrim, so let’s say their average is the same as ancient Rome’s (which is remarkable close to pre-1850 Britain’s, interestingly). 

So personally I like Beren at like 168cm(5’6”) and Lúthien at 198 cm(6’6”) much better than Lúthien at 8’(245cm). Though I do understand the appeal of Maiar who are inhuman and visibly terrifying and so forth, and if your Lúthien is eight feet tall that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to say something. There is absolutely zero way, and I mean zero, possibility that I think Closh is legitimate. Pictures of a dead eyed Josh, who personally looks like he has to stay half high to function the entire time he’s in Spain, is the saddest representation of a relationship I’ve ever seen. Can someone pull the plug on this charade by now? Because, honestly, I feel sorry for Josh.

"I think that my father had a hugely important influence on both of us growing up because of course he wrote the Magic Roundabout but not for a minute did he write it for children. He wrote what made him laugh. He was a very down the line dad, his humour and his rigour, a self-taught man, who loved words and loved the use of words and how they worked. Everything about that was hugely influential." -Emma Thompson 

Sometimes I think about the fact that the narratives people are taught in schools are fucked up oppressive bs so of COURSE people carry those exact fucked up oppressive notions with them.

And how both the anger felt when those notions are then vocalized is valid, as is their confusion. What matters most here for me is not that those notions were expressed (which is rather damn important), but rather what the person does after. Do they deny what happened, or apologize and try to do better in the future?

It’s super valid to remain upset after of course, but again I (personally) really think it’s what is done in the after that matters as truly these fucked up ideas are what people are taught their whole lives so it isn’t a surprise at all that they are carrying them with them as you know, we all start from where we start from and such forth. This isn’t to say they are ok, or that intent trumps impact or anything like that, but honestly everyone fucks up.

We all fuck up. All of us. Not a single one isn’t carrying fucked up ideas and notions with them. There is no such a person, they simply do not exist, and pretending otherwise is disingenuous as all fuck. 

Far more valuable to me than a thousand “receipts” and remembrances of things people said years upon years ago is what they said afterwards and have done since. If someone never tries to do better and does the same gross thing over and over in a pattern, or defends their grossness or something like that, yeah that person is a piece of shit who deserves scorn, but if they say something bad one or two times and seem to genuinely wish to learn to do better? Well then fucking give them a chance to do better.

I mean I am so glad I was already in my 20s when this site rose to prominence, as when I think of what sort of fuck ups would be following me had I had a blog like this at 13… fuck. Hell I know if someone wanted to search the LJ I maintained from age 16 onward they would find all kinds of messy things where my intent was there but I did not understand the issues or how to phrase things and I was generally horrible in every way I communicated myself… but given time I fucking learned, and I’d like to think I am a better person now than I was then.

In other words I’d more rather invest in someone who messes up a lot and acknowledges it appropriately and tries to do better than someone who is hyper aware of social issues but when they do fuck up just shuts down and never addresses it or tries to explain it away. Or worse yet seems to imagine themself above such things and doesn’t ever take the time to examine their own self and figure out what they might be doing that is extremely harmful to others

Because at the end of the day? We all are carrying around preconceived notions that hurt someone. No one raised in this horrible oppressive society has managed to escape indoctrination.

i usually always smile in selfies but this time i was like nah son im going for the angry aesthetic and this selfie looks better on my phone bt who cares bc dang look at me *heart eyes emoji* i refuse to flip my selfies nowadays (bc thats not how people actually see me like in real life ya dig) so like hello hi this is me all natural in sunlight when i was supposed to be doing dishes love me 4eva & reblog my selfie/add nice tags thx <3333 (also this post has like 400 tags read them all lol)

Hi guys! I said the other day that I’d be posting up some of the prompts that I don’t think I’ll be able to fill. I have a lot of prompts and while I did want to fill all of them, realistically I think it’s just not going to happen.

I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with these prompts at all; they’re just the ones that I haven’t been able to think up ideas for and it would literally be months before I ended up doing them, so I don’t think it’s fair for me to sit on them for ages and ages when you could be sending them to someone else and getting a fill faster. Thank you so much for sending them in though and I really hope you can find someone else to write them! <3 

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