someone kill me plz

WOW ok so I fucked up my ankle at dance and I am currently in emerge at the hospital in my dance makeup, and there’s like 19495837 people around me that look like they’re on their deathbeds. WOOHOO THIS IS AWESOME.

I just got home from my first day…Oh god, kill me.

Woke at 3:15am and just now got home at 5…ish… Nothing but training videos all day…at least we had a holiday lunch catered. I was excited for that.

Anyway, just an update; I know I’m failing hard at this drabble December thing but I’m exhausted. I swear I will get to the three prompts I have in my inbox.

I will be accepting drabble prompts until Dec 31st. Some drabbles may be late (aka into January) but they will get don. Just give me a little time to get some rest and be creative. I’ll get these planned out and done.