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Or I will just let him be sad that he isn’t getting rice pudding. But he really can’t complain because he just ate peach pie and I made red velvet cake (which I don’t even like), so he’s got plenty of options.

You made red velvet cake?

Psssh, adopt me please. I’d be a wonderful sister. I make lemon-limeaid and everything. I won’t even touch your stuff. 

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Aw baby girl You are my favorite Pretty please call me and we will vent and love each other tomorrow

you know i hate talking though uGH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START OKAY I AM AWFUL AND MY PARENTS ARE COMPLETELY UNCOMMUNICATIVE just aksjdjanjvkaera i don’t know i’m so fucking awful it’s disgusting i don’t know i kind of hate myself but mostly this situation 

sorry that’s garbled i don’t like talking

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because it’s weird darling