one of these days I won’t even care about all of those guys who took advantage of me or treated me like dirt because I’m going to meet and marry a wonderful man who will treat me with kindness, who won’t see me as a sex object, who wants to know my heart and protect it, and will love me with more passion than I can even imagine. just you wait and see.

I feel like Kookie really looks up to Namjoon a lot. Now he’s posting his own playlist screenshot. Hehe~ Though, Kehlani’s ‘You Should be Here’ is really good! All the songs are! You can listen on soundcloud here. I have a feel on what Kookie song preferences are. I think he likes a lot with rnb feel, it does suit his voice too.

bad puns & dumb ideas

title | bad puns & dumb ideas

notes | So I had this idea for a college au where Barry has his powers and offers to let Caitlin practice med school stuff since he heals so quickly. Which then morphed into the four of them being roommates and this was born. More notes at the end.

“Barry, that’s a terrible idea!” But she’s smiling in that way she does, bright and amused but trying to hide it, the corners of her lips pulling against her efforts to seem disapproving—it’s a look that reminds him of inside jokes and movie marathons and long afternoons screwing around in chem lab (which they always breeze through first). He loves that look, has done dozens of potentially ridiculous things over the last two years to draw it out, and the buoyancy it gives him never really fades. 

So he just grins back wide and unrepentant, green eyes flashing before he shrugs. “Not really,” and he might sound like he was being reasonable if he didn’t sound so stupidly happy (the way he always does when that look is making his heart flutter like its infested with butterflies). “You need the practice for class, and I heal like…well, lightning.”

A groan precedes the heavy clunk of footsteps from the stairway, both of which precede a bleary-eyed Cisco wandering into the kitchen with a hand scrubbing the stubble that’s taken over his face. “Even I think that pun is bad Barry,” he mutters, not looking at them but instead rummaging through their chipped cupboards for a coffee cup. “Not a good sign,” he adds, voice brightening with victory when he manages to locate his favorite oversized mug.

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lately I’ve been thinking, “I want to view myself the way I want my daughter to see herself, someday.”
I hope that when my daughter looks in the mirror, she does not see every flaw but is thankful for her Creator’s creativity, apparent in every inch of her. I hope she is content with her gifts & idiosyncrasies. I hope she never slips into self hate, but sees herself as whole.
and I hope that as a mother, I might live this out for her to follow.