Someday, she will wake up at 3 a.m and not tiptoe around the house or silence her breath, but fill her home with the rich aroma of coffee and lose herself in the world of books.

Someday, she will dance with the wind at 5 p.m, inhaling the fresh scent of the air as the sun slowly creeps away, promising to return another day. 

Someday, she won’t have to muffle sentences or cage her thoughts and the bees and butterflies will carry them to remote gardens and whisper them to the flower petals. 

Someday, she will recall a distant memory and it won’t reopen her old scars or form new wounds. She will just smile and say, “I made it:”.

We’re wasting the majority of our lives doing things that are supposed to pay off someday. We go through all these things we do not consume any happiness from just to someday live a happy and careless life. But sooner than we think, without even realizing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And soon this has been your life. And you never got to live it.
—  j.k.
"You've never had anything to call your own to begin with"

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Leliana running into the Warden's arms. I would *pay* for a mod like that. I can just see it now. Its midday. Everyone is busy with their own work, so no one really pays attention to yet another Warden showing up at Skyhold. The mabari, however, is unusual. Suddenly Leliana comes running down the stairs. She rushes towards the Warden who picks her up in her arms. They then stay embraced for long time before the dog headbutts Leli, demanding attention. After all. he's been away on a mission too!