back from Dad’s AA 7 ( I said 5 before, but it’s 7) year sobriety “birthday” … and I’m very very proud of him.

… but I’m feeling very vulnerable right now… there’s a lot about being in a group like that… the topic, the setting  ( as a secular person, I had a hard time keeping my cool with all the ” give it up to God” talk… ), etc… in the midst of my very immediate battle with figuring out my own mental health situation.. and.. I just don’t know how to feel right now… so.. if I don’t respond to your messages/etc.. please be aware it’s not you okay? I just need time to process things and everything is 110% overwhelming. 

Gonna go get something to eat…come back and relax before heading to bed.

Love you cuties lots and lots <3


answered: I demand a photoshop battle, you two meet next to the playground, I’ll bring a goat

markiplier answered: oh so good…

I would love nothing more than to have a ps battle with Mark. I agree, he’s so good at it

But I dont wanna *flexes muscles* make him cry over my awesome photo manipulation skillz


- I can’t run any more, I fall before you. Here I am, I have nothing left. Though I try to forget, you’re all that I am. Take me home, I’m through fighting it.