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Quite a number of you were pretty upset with the first 4 frames I posted as wips(it was very entertaining to read some of your tags) but don’t worry!! Makoto and Haru will get through anything and they’ll come out stronger. Keep your heads up!!

Also I’m sorry that it’s such a long post(especially if you’re not into Free! or makoharu)!


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What if Hinata had SHSL Good Luck and Komaeda was talentless and was chosen for project Kamukura Izuru

ohh lordy that’s impossible to say b/c no matter how ‘alike’ they are they certainly aren’t the same so who knows how they’d deal w/ those circumstances?? if we’re just talkin plain switcharound tho

Submit: Some of Us Are Not Like the Others

This will probably be controversial and possibly unpopular, but just think about it. Think a lot. Much salt if needed, but here is one possibility. Some people do not see the world the same way most people do. There is much debate about how much of it is biologically determined. But however it comes about, this is what it means for the rest of us.

They have been called intraspecies predators. They see themselves as different from other people. They usually see themselves as smarter than other people (even the ones that are very stupid and end up in prison for life). Their range of emotions is very limited. They live in the present, don’t worry about past actions, and don’t think about consequences. They can pass polygraph tests easily, because they don’t have any sense of what “lying” is—they think that anything can be true and you just have to pick the one that gets you the most of whatever you want. They don’t show fear (they don’t seem to feel it), or shame, or regret, or compassion, or empathy.

You may have guessed by now that I’m talking about sociopaths. It’s difficult to bring this up, because of the extreme media misinformation and portrayals of sociopaths. You’d think they’re all genius serial killers by tv and movies, but in fact, IRL hardly any are. They are all levels of intelligence and economic backgrounds and every other kind of background.

Based on experience with sociopaths and extensive reading, my feeling is that sociopaths don’t see other people as people, but something more like cartoon characters. While most of us would be horrified at someone who would kill a cute kitten out of boredom or curiousity, they see it much the same way as stepping on a bug. [Note: the tv version of Parade’s End has a much more sympathetic portrayal of Sylvia than the book; in the book, we learn that as a child, Sylvia yearned to kill a very cute kitten but was stopped by one of the servants.] If you’ve seen the UK show Misfits, there is one episode where one of the teens is changed so that he sees everyone else as a videogame character; that’s what I’m talking about.

There is a very good book called “The Sociopath Next Door” that explains all this much better than I can. But when people are wondering how someone can lie so easily on CVs and in real life, pretend to be in many different stages of pregnancy without worrying about being called out on the discrepancies, and act smug in the face of media scrutiny, well, this is one possible answer. Regular people are caught by surprise by their shenanigans, because they have no boundaries, no “stop” buttons. And confronting them only makes it worse. That book advises not to do that, and I can say from experience that it can lead to very bad things. Untangling oneself from a sociopath is tricky business. Here’s hoping for the best.

Once Upon a Time's Colin O'Donoghue Talks Hook's Secret (Will It Cost Him Emma?), Answers Some Burning Qs

TVLINE | Hook is being conspicuously and admittedly mum about his past with Ursula (played by Merrin Dungey) — is it for a good reason?
Yeah, you find out exactly went on in their past — and as most people have guessed, Hook doesn’t come out too well. He tries to help a young Ursula (The Following‘s Tiffany Boone) run away from her father Poseidon (Ghostbusters‘ Ernie Hudson), but as is always the case with ol’ Hook, he makes a couple of questionable decisions. It doesn’t necessarily go the right way. But in the present day, he’s trying to take a leaf out of Emma’s book, offering Ursula a chance at her happy ending in exchange for finding out what Gold’s real plan is.
TVLINE | It sounds like Hook is taking a more active role in assessing this new threat to Storybrooke.
The thing is, Hook genuinely cares for Emma (Jennifer Morrison), so he just wants to do whatever it takes to help protect her and the people she loves. He’s trying to be the best person he can be while at the same time struggling with the 300-year old pirate he used to be.
TVLINE | You talked about things going sideways for him in the flashback. On a scale of 1 to 1o, how dastardly is his pirate behavior?
I wouldn’t like to put a level on it, but it’s pretty much “not nice.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Emma thus far has been quite understanding, letting Hook share his secret on his own time.
But when all is said and done, is that a stance she’ll come to regret?

I think that Emma knows and understands who this Hook is, in present day. She knows that he deeply cares for her and wants to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work. Much in the the same way that Belle sees the best in Rumple, Emma tries to see the best in Hook — the only difference is that Hook is genuinely trying to do the right thing, to be the better person, whereas Gold just can’t do that. Gold just always, always has the Dark One inside him.
TVLINE | That said, and being as objective as you can be: Is Miss Swan perhaps a bit unwise to have finally opened her heart to a pirate?
Objectively…? [Pauses to think] No, not really. Not this pirate, because he opened himself up to her first, and he is very genuine in that. Look, he’s always going to probably at some point make a bit of a stupid decision or be guided by who he was in the past, but most of the time he’s trying to do right by Emma and by everybody. I think she can handle him.
TVLINE | Emma’s parents thus far have had the moral high ground, when sizing up Hook as a boyfriend for her. If Hook were to learn their dark secret, might that even the playing field a bit?
I think that he would care more for Emma and how that would effect Emma than try to use it as some kind of leverage — you know what I mean? Because at the end of the day, it’s more important for him to try and be mindful of Emma’s emotional state, trying to help her be as happy as possible.

TVLINE | Talk about OnceUponaTime_BelleHookplaying Rumplestitskin-as-Hook last week. Did you set out to bring a bit of Bobby Carlyle into it?
I actually did, but it’s difficult because you can’t obviously do an impersonation of another character — you have to do it within the confines of who your character is. But at points I tried to adopt little tiny movements that I’ve seen Bobby do. Or maybe strike a different cadence in the delivery of a line. Hopefully it worked!
TVLINE | Tell me, what are the living arrangements for Hook and Emma right now? Is she crashing with him..?
No, I think she’s still living with Mary Margaret and David; Hook is obviously crashing at Granny’s.
TVLINE | Paying what rent? And how does he make rent? Do we know? Is there any kind of an economy in Storybrooke??
I don’t know, but I don’t think Granny needs rent because she must make so much money from being the only place that people go to eat! [Laughs] Plus, I’m sure Hook has probably got a couple of doubloons tucked away somewhere.
TVLINE | Do you think Hook has eventual marriage on the mind?
Marriage? I don’t know, I think Storybrooke’s a difficult place to plan for the future, so he’s taking it one step at a time.
TVLINE | Right? No one ever gets a breather in this town.
Nope. No, no. If you want it to be smooth sailing, you don’t live in Storybrooke!
TVLINE | Do you have any questions? Anything you want to know about Hook?
Who ,me? No, not really. I’m pretty happy knowing who Hook is. And who he is is someone that’s great fun to play!


My Toothless collection, since a few people expressed interest in seeing it! This is all of my current Toothlesses, but I have three other little figures coming in that should get here next week (I ordered them a while ago but they’re coming from Russia, so it’s taken a while lol.)

The last pic is of my shelves where (most of) my HTTYD collection currently resides.

EDIT: Shit, I forgot. I also have two necklaces, a keychain and an art print! XD

EDIT #2: Also, if anyone might like to buy me a random present, I still want a Build-a-Bear Toothless. >.>


Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, Noah Emmerich, Andre Braugher, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Shawn Doyle in Frequency (2000). Dir. Gregory Hoblit.

Some interesting time paradoxes are explored in this film. Given a means of communication with the past, it becomes possible to alter the past, which of course results in changes to present circumstances. In this film characters remember alternative timelines to some extent, which seems like something that would soon overload even the most focused mind.

Project of the Day—Emily Books is a feminist publishing project run by noted literary figures Emily Gould and Ruth Curry. It’s a subscription-based e-book service, offering some of the most interesting and worthwhile books around. They’ve been running for three years now, and want to keep going. In their words:

Emily Books is a project that publishes, publicizes, and celebrates the best work of  transgressive writers of the past, present and future.  We pick one book a month to send to subscribers, and for now we only sell DRM-free ebooks. We are passionate about the writing of women, trans people, and queer people, and we seek out works that challenge genre distinctions, especially the distinction between memoir and fiction.  Our books are funny, challenging, and provocative.  They make no apologies for themselves, and at their finest, they make often-ignored or misunderstood subjectivities and points of view feel both relatable and utterly unique.”

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I've done some major haram things during my mid teens... and looking back I just cringe at the thought of who I was.. it scares me a lot. I repent all the time (alh) but it just depresses me..

A sin that leads to sincere repentance is a blessing. Allah is the most forgiving, and the fact that it makes you sick thinking about it means you are not that person anymore. If you dwell too much on your past you wont be able to live peacefully in the present. Im not saying forget it, but learn from it and live on. 

You oughta Juno: What happened to those artists voted most likely to succeed? Part 3 — 2000 – 2014

If there’s one thing The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and loves to do, it’s place bets on emerging artists. The Junos have handed out 59 new-talent awards — albeit under four different names* — in the 40 years since the ceremony was first broadcast on television. Some of these recipients have gone on to achieve great things, while others … well, let’s just say winning doesn’t guarantee career longevity. To find out what happened to those the music industry voted most likely to succeed, Rebecca Tucker and David Berry present you this exhaustive list of past winners.

Check out Part 1 & Part 2

Illustration by Andrew Barr for the National Post

Sometimes I just want to scream that you only see the sides of my story that I want to share, and that there are some chapters that are so circular that even I get lost in them, can’t stand up, can’t find a foundation without slipping, let alone explain them to you.

But then I realize that even though my past has meaning, that my feelings are palpable, that these do not excuse my actions, that I am responsible for myself.

And that you are, too.

We are older now, and it is time, time to realize that just because I have pain does not mean I will be exempt from life.

I need to be my own kind of me. Fuck finding myself. It’s time to write my own story in pen, not pencil. If When I make mistakes, I’ll stud the paper with crisscrosses and edits, unabashed. Or maybe I’ll even just let them be, let ‘em sparkle in the sunlight with my demons burning.

One morning I’ll wake up and run so far that you can’t find me. 

But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, and smile a genuine smile and I won’t worry how fat my face may look, and we’ll embrace wholeheartedly, and maybe shed a tear or two, and feelings will be felt and not shoved aside, and it’ll be alright.

Yeah, it’ll be alright.

This past year has been so significant and I really feel like I need to speak on everything that happened cause it’s changed me a heck of a lot.

So… I want to be alive? This is the most important change since last year, for obvious reasons. That’s something that happened recently, and I worked really damn hard for it. Some days I still want to die but I can always see there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

I think I found a talent… maybe. I’ve been super interested in fashion design, and I might be good at it and I might be crazy.

Lost friends and made new ones, but I love them all the same. My love for friends, past, present and future, is eternal. Unless they kill a dog in which case they can go to hell.

I love myself. Most days that is. It started off as joking because I’ve aways heard that it helps, and it really did. 

Faced my biggest fear, talking about the surgery I want.

Overall, I think that I can get through another year. Just one more year until I’m out.

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Abyss? <:

  • The first character I fell in love with: the amazing guy
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: ION……MY SON…….
  • The character who I do not understand: why is duke fabre such an ass. i don’t understand.
  • The character that I think the show ruined: i thought tear’s characterization got kinda messy at some points but its been a while since i’ve played abyss so i can’t really remember
  • The most attractive male and female character: guy and tear
  • The character death that was the worst for me: I LEGIT CRIED WHEN ION DIED
  • The character that is the most like me: hmmm maybe natalia?
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: jade
  • The character that I just want to be happy: everyone :(
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: guy, natalia, anise, ion
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: i don’t remember disliking any characters other than duke fabre? ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I PLAYED ABYSS THO
DTK Time Connections!

Tarkir block has been one of the most flavor packed blocks in recent memory, and alot of it’s success is due to the use of parallels between the Present, Past, and Alternate present. Lets take a closer look at some of the coolest connections between Khans of Tarkir and Dragons of Tarkir!

Heralding a New Age:

Looks like the Dromoka still have a good taste in horns! The new herald may have a new master but still a similar power, toughness, and mana cost. Note the difference in clothing and architecture between the two timelines.

Year of the Serpent/Leviathan:

Dirgur lake still harbors some scary critters. Looks like the dragons don’t take kindly to having other huge creatures around and this serpent has gotten a clear downgrade. It’s maintained 6 power, but dropped 2 toughness and 1 CMC in the change of management.

Aspiring for a new Clan:

Kolaghan seems to have a liking for Mad Max-esque costumes. The similarities here extend from the names to the mana costs and power and toughness. The Crave seems to be a major driving force for the Kolaghan, as seen on Butcher’s Glee as well.

Bear-ly Recognizable Timeline:

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For show and tell: True Blood or AHS asylum

I can do both ;)

True Blood

  • The first character I fell in love with: Lafayette
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: Pam
  • The character who I do not understand: Sookie and why people like her?
  • The character that I think the show ruined: Ummm all of them at some point pretty much. Except Pammy. 
  • The most attractive male and female character: Pam and Eric
  • The character death that was the worst for me: Probably Terry’s.
  • The character that is the most like me: Pam 
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: Sookeh. But why?
  • The character that I just want to be happy: Pam
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: Pam, Eric, Lala, and Andy Bellefleur
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: Tara, Sookie, Willa, and pretty much everyone not mentioned above

AHS: Asylum

  • The first character I fell in love with: Pepper Pepper Bo Bepper
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: Lana
  • The character who I do not understand: Alma’s relevance puzzles me.
  • The character that I think the show ruined: The Monsignor
  • The most attractive male and female character: Kit and Mary Eunice
  • The character death that was the worst for me: Jude
  • The character that is the most like me: Jude
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: Lana
  • The character that I just want to be happy: Jude
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: Lana, Jude, Mary Eunice and Pepper
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: Wendy, The Monsignor, Alma, and Doctor Arden
Jun Ji Hyun: “Chun Song Yi Was a Difficult Character to Play”

The April issue of Elle sees Jun Ji Hyun bare a little bit of herself and her view on acting.

In addition to the stunning photo shoot, she sits down with the magazine and dishes on some of her past and present works. Jun Ji Hyun just wrapped up filming for the film “The Assassination,” which is her second film with directorChoi Dong Hoon, who also directed “The Berlin File” (2013). “I’m playing Ahn Ok Yoon, who is the head of a hit team and a top sniper for the freedom fighters. While there was a lot of pressure to do well, I did my best to stay calm and composed,” says the actress.


Regarding her most recent TV character, Chun Song Yi from “My Love from the Stars,” Jun Ji Hyun says that it was a difficult character for her. “While I was playing Chun Song Yi, even as there was a consistent enthusiastic vibe from her, I felt a pressure to show a different something by the end [of the drama]. I even felt like I needed to do at least one funny thing per episode,” Jun Ji Hyun says.

She’s more at ease and comfortable with her roles in “The Assassination” and “The Berlin File,” says the actress, rather than a role like Chun Song Yi. “Acting as someone who is nothing like myself makes me really feel like I’m acting. Of course, it’s not good if the role ends up looking unnatural, but that’s the most comfortable for me.”

Jun Ji Hyun closes, saying, “I’ve never once thought that I was special. If you think like that, you’re bound to end up lonely. So I tried not to get caught in those types of mindsets, and the same goes for me now,” and, “I’m not afraid of get older and getting wrinkles. It’s possible that I could be doing more things than I am now; it’s something you just don’t know.”

The full interview and pictorial with Jun Ji Hyun can be found in the April issue of Elle.

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Do you prefer first person POV or third person POV in writing? I read your fanfics (btw, I love all of your Levihan fanfics! :3) and most of them written in third person omniscient (if I'm not wrong), do you have reasons why did you write them that way?

Hello anon!

You’re sort of right!

I typically write in two different points of view the most:

  1. Third person limited (past tense)
  2. Third person limited (present tense)

And I have reasons for doing so—which are going under a cut because lmao it’ll probably get long.

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Hey! I was wondering if you could answer me a Russian question? I always thought that verbs get conjugated while nouns/numbers/pronouns get declined...But then some verbs are also declined?


No, verbs are only conjugated, they can be:
1) singular or plural
2) 1, 2, 3 person
3) feminine, masculine or neuter gender
4) past, future, present tense

Plus the verbs can be:
5) indicative, conditional, imperative mood (or mode)
6) perfective, imperfective aspect

You have to remember that there are two groups of verbs: Conjugation I and Conjugation II.

  • Con. I 

Inflexions are (present tense, indicative mood): я - ю/у, ты - ешь, он/она/оно - ет, мы - ем, вы - ете, они - ют/ут.

  1. Most verbs that end with -еть and -ать (-ять).
  2. All verbs that end with -овать.
  3. Two verbs that ends with -ить: брить and стелить - !!! it’s an exclusion for Con. I because -ить usually means in Con. II
  •  Con. II 

Inflexions are (present tense and indicative mood): я - ю/у, ты - ишь, он/она/оно - ит, мы - им, вы - ите, они - ят/ат.

  1. All verbs that end with -ить, excluding брить and стелить - !!! look in Con. I
  2. 7 verbs that end with -еть, and 4 that end with -ать - !!! it’s an exclusion because most of the verbs with these endings are in Con. I; there’s a poem to remember these 11 verbs - ***
  3. Some of the verbs that ends with -ать (-ять), when their Inflections are stressed, for example: лежать - он лежит (to lie - he lies), стоять - мы стоим (to stand - we stand).

*** - Гнать, держать, дышать, обидеть,
Слышать, видеть, ненавидеть;
И зависить, и терпеть,
А ещё смотреть вертеть.

They all are - Con. II though they end with either -еть, and -ать because they are exclusions

  • Examples of Con. I (present tense and indicative mood) :

читать (to read) | писать (to write) -

Я читаю | пишу
Ты читаешь | пишешь
Он/она/оно читает | пишет
Мы читаем | пишем
Вы читаете | пишете
Они читают | пишут

  • Examples of Con. II (present tense and indicative mood) :

говорить (to talk) | лежать (to lie)

Я говорю | лежу
Ты говоришь | лежишь
Он/она/оно говорит | лежит
Мы говорим | лежим
Вы говорите | лежите
Они говорят | лежат

  • There are some verbs of mixed Conjugation, for example хотеть - to want (singular forms are like Con. I and plural are like Con. II):

Я хочу
Ты хочешь
Он хочет
Мы хотим
Вы хотите
Они хотят

I woke up, wanting to rush out, as I usually do — checking my lists, straightening the bed even before I’m out of it — but held back today, curious about an unfamiliar sensation, a strangely languorous feeling of incredible comfort that spread through me so beautifully that I had to let it soak through.

M had left for his classes an hour earlier, cheerier than usual, kissing me goodbye and I’d used the past hour to sleep some more. But presently, I stayed in bed for a good while, looking at the light wash the room, warm under the covers and in his shirt, wondering why I didn’t let myself feel better more often. It was the most unbelievably wonderful morning I’d had in years and all because… I was content, I was comfortable, that was all.

And that was so, so much.

Then I finally climbed out of bed, made tea, checked my lists and made this picture.

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BBC's Pride and Prejudice

  • The first character I fell in love with
    Mr Darcy. I was 13. I didn’t stand a chance.
  • The character who I do not understand
    Dunno. I don’t really find them very confusing.
  • The character that I think the show ruined
    I don’t remember the book well enough to know if any character was way off, but I suspect not?
  • The most attractive male and female character
    Darcy and Lizzie.
  • The character that is the most like me
  • The character that I just want to be happy
    Mary, tbh. Life is just too shitty for her. Everybody bullies her. She’s not good at what she loves doing. She’s clearly smitten with Mr Collins — and they would make a fairly good match too — but he probably doesn’t even know she exists. Kitty could do with some joy. Oh, and poor Charlotte. Wow.
  • My four favorite characters, past or present
    Lizzie, Darcy, Ms Bingley, and Mrs Bennet. Or maybe Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Man, she is a treat.
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present
    Tbh, I like all of them. Well, not Mr Hurst. But anyway, my point was gonna be that I’m not very fond of Jane. I don’t dislike her. I just find her totally boring. I’d be so frustrated in her company. OMG I FORGOT MR WICKHAM. Clearly, I don’t like Mr Wickham. I’ll count him twice.