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So basically what happened yesterday was that I did indeed get to spend the day with my friends and we had a brilliant time and went into the city via train and wandered around and had food and candy and ice cream and also got lost in a high end residential district and also had a cab driver that took a sharp turn so we slid into each other and it was all fine and dandy and THEN… •

on the train ride back everything was going all well and fine and then one of the conductors stopped next to us and was talking to another one and we overheard them that they were searching for a man with a backpack and then they left and over the next few minutes we saw more and more and more conductors going through looking around and talking on their walkies about if they’d searched every car yet and if rye had found the person and my friends and I were starting to wonder what was going on and get slightly nervous. And then after the next stop a police officer got on and then one of my friends asked him if everything was okay and he said “No.” and then he kept walking people and sort of encouraging them to get off soon and by this point we were all very nervous and so we got off at the next stop even though we were still quite a bit away from our station and we were all just freaking out about whatever that could’ve been (we all were thinking bomb) and we were so glad we got out and then one of my friends called her parents and explained everything and they picked us up and it was the most stressful thing. I was just kind of trying not to have an anxiety attack and was praying the entire time.
So yeah. My day was needless to say exciting yesterday!!! •

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I know the story: some poor person who falls in love with someone who will never love them back. And the problem is never that the other person doesn’t care, no, that would be easier. The problem is that they care quite a lot but something always happens: a lie is told, someone is left alone, someone gets their heart broken. Someway, somehow, you always end up hurt by someone who cares, just not quite enough.