I guess my internet stalking has paid off because today our family got to mingle with some awesome Tumblr parents:


My Monkey Brain was in full effect when I said to Kristen, “What’s your handle…OH! I FOLLOW you!!” You would think that I could recognize a blogger that I like, but something about the excitement of meeting fellow Tumblrs turned my brain into mush. 

Anyhoo, I’m pleased to report that my in real life encounters with you Tumblr people are 100% awesome. 


You can tell everyone had a good time by the wilting toddlers towards the end: 


This girl. Stole the hearts of our family immediately. Her older brother has taken her arrival in stride and the transition for all of us has been mostly seamless. Prior to her joining the family, my anxiety over all the things that would drastically change or not be the same were unfounded. The late nights, the extra attention, all the things involved with having two little ones seems… meant to be. We were concerned as to how we would be able to love anything/anyone as much as we love B, and I’ll be the first to say that was the silliest notion. Turns out love can grow exponentially.

Since I am kind of snobby about my beer and stuff I used to be pretty skeptical of beer in cans, but I have changed my ways.  The main reason: Surly.  There are a lot of craft brewery places that are doing cans now (I think mostly because they cost less/cost less to ship), so I try not to dismiss a beer just based on its packaging.