He’s back! If you’ve been hanging around here long enough you might have seen this guy before but it’s been ages since I took pictures of him because he didn’t have his own body. He has one now though! So meet Death, as in god of. He has many forms, this is just the one he likes best at the moment (his other favourite looks include the full grim reaper form and ‘harassed office intern’).

Death is a Littlefee LBRH Chiwoo 


Spades is finished! I’m pretty proud of it for my first body blushing. He finally looks like himself. I love his little rust patches and dirt, they were a lot of fun to blush, especially his cute dirty feet. I also made him custom kips/silicone discs to hopefully preserve his body blushing as much as possible. It’s not something I want to have to re-do in a hurry!

Spades is a Batchix Orpheus

I was taking photos this morning and about two seconds after I took this one London decided to throw himself face first on the ground. Thankfully Crobi make them sturdy. He got dirt and grass stains on his face but they all wiped off. It’s been a long time since one of my dolls has scared me that much though. Also look you can see his giant stupid ponytail for once. 

(unfortunately the rest of the photos will remain unseen because they’re my SMASH contest pictures. This one was just me waffling around at the end of the shoot)

London is a Crobidoll Jun 

And Crow all finished up. He was so much fun to paint, especially his lips! The oversize eyes are intentional. He’s not human. He also gets stuck with the butchered-temp-wig-o-doom because the other option is pastel blue and that looks yuck. He’s going to get a white one eventually. (He also may end up with a body sooner than anticipated…I hope anyway)

Crow is a Dollfactory Lachlan with a modded teeth piece 


Yay! New wigs from the lovely funnylori. Cue has decided he’s a blonde for now. The again he can probably change his hair colour…he is a robot and all. The boys wig was a dreadlock-y texture which I wasn’t keen on but after giving it a good brush (I’m so rough with fur wigs!) I adore it. These are also the softest fur wigs I’ve ever had. They’re great. 

I also got a fantastic wine red one and was like “ooh sable can have that” then I put it on his head and his huge ears and funky head meant that it fit horribly. Looks like he’s keeping the one he has now. Irvins and their silly heads…

The boys (Castor and Pollux) are a Delf Dambi hybrid. 

Cue is an Obitsu 55 P-Chan


I grabbed some Leekeworld horns when cenricthecerberus was doing an order. I’ve been wanting some for ages but I didn’t want to pay stupid amounts of shipping. I finished painting them yesterday. Sable, Quinn and Oren finally have their proper horns. Sable has the long pointed style, Quinn has the incubus horns and Oren has the wonderfully ridiculous goral horns (large). They’re as big as his head. 

Sable is a Volks Irvin
Quinn and Oren are Resinsoul Songs


Meet Cue! 

He’s a robot who lives on a spaceship and does all the external maintenance. He also has a huge crush on Castor and Pollux, my Delf Dambi. 

He’s my first vinyl doll and I’m loving him. I thought he’d be a bit weird because I’m used to resin but I love how light he is. He holds a pose heaps easy, though I’m still getting used to his joints. Unfortunately he’s pretty tiny compared to my other SD’s. the clothes he’s wearing are SD girl stuff (his tops are from the lovely Kawaiimon/Dorset clothing) and they’re still a little big. I’ll have to make him some things.

Cue is an Obitsu 55 boy with a P-Chan head. 


Look I have a girl doll. Sol claimed the Volks Irvin default wig as soon as I washed whatever it was styled with out (it was crunchy…wigs should not be crunchy). Also I think these are the first pictures I’ve taken of this faceup on her…even though it’s 6 months old….

Sol is a Resinsoul Chun.

Oren in his new wig. Forgive the flyaways…it was breezy outside. He’s also wearing my cute cardigan I knitted. It still needs buttons, but i’m pretty proud of it since it’s my first actual knitted full garment. 

(on a side note this picture is pretty true to life colour wise. Resinsoul green is tricky to photograph…)

Oren is a Resinsoul Song. 


Took some photos of my grumpy baby, Alaric, today. He’s got new eyes (though you can’t see them much) and I modded his mobility joints so he can actually use them (they have these little locking nubs that make them useless and i got frustrated and sanded them off). Every time I take photos of this boy he ends up half clothed…probably because the Souldoll Double body is just so pretty…

Alaric is a Souldoll Eliot

(psst…anyone think he looks like Levi?)


And another box opening. I wasn’t going to bother posing box pictures but look at that packing! The seller even included an extra set of hands as a gift, which is super cool because the body is from a Shiwoo and so has the same hands as Deih. The head and body totally don’t match but I don’t care. The hooves I’ve had for ages, and are made by the talented shelbellysculptor. I really need to get some thicker elastic though because they’re pretty wobbly standing at the moment. 

So this is Paris. They’re a cute alien who accidentally ended up on earth. They’re bubbly and optimistic and love making new friends. They’re also one of London’s best friends and those two regularly hang out. They still need a face and a proper wig and a whole bunch of other bits and pieces but for now I’m just happy to have them all put together!


I wanted to take some pictures of Crow, despite the fact he doesn’t have his own wig or body yet, because I absolutely adore him. I realised beforehand though that he didn’t have his wedding ring yet so I quickly made him one. 

Character wise, while Crow might look a bit scary (what with the teeth and the eyes and all) but he’s actually quite shy and anxious. He’s part of the space crew and lives aboard the Atropos. He and his husband Elonn pilot a little ship called the Sigma and work as a fighter/recon team. 

Crow will eventually be put on a boy-modded DC Adult-03 body (so he can be extra weird looking). Elonns sculpt is still undecided unfortunately, since I can’t find the right combo of a face that fits, a body I like and tan skin. *sigh*

Crow is a Dollfactory Lachlan with modded teeth plate. 


Meet Cue the tiny robot! I honestly thought I’d never get an Obitsu but he’s super adorable and i love him! He’s a Petite P Chan pre-painted head on the 21cm boy body. I finished up his wig and ‘ears’ today. The ears are made from air dry clay and I’m pretty sure I never want to sculpt geometric shapes again. I was worried he’d feel flimsy because I’m used to resin but he really doesn’t!