I was bored in zoology, so I drew a quick doodle of me high-fiving one of my favorite YouTubers, LOL.

If you’re reading this Mark, I just wanted to say thanks for always brightening up my day with your videos! You’re an awesome and inspiring person c:

marvel-scales asked:

Idk if you've ever answered a question similar to this, but if Markiplier could have a full team of 6 Pokémon, which ones do you think he'd have? :3

For a starter I think he would have a Fennekin, since he’s so akin to dogs and really loves them, it’d seem like they’d be a perfect match. Togekiss, because he loves spreading love to others. Lillipup too, since, y’know, puppies. Pidgeot because I recall him saying how he loves the first generation of Pokemon. Pachirisu because he’s king of the squirrels. And definitely Machamp, because y’know, he’s strong and all. 

Of course many other Pokemon would fit him, like a Manectric, Walerien, Rampardos, Slowbro, Swellow, Dewgong, Lopunny, Cyndaquil, Hitmontop, Solosis, Eevee, etc. But to me, those would be the best fit.

anonymous asked:

for the pokemon species thing, Solosis! they are precious jelly babies~

(( I need to stop making cute OC’s omfg

But this is little Max, but his full given name is Maximus, I know it sounds like a big name for such a little guy, but it’s only because he’s the prince of a small kingdom, but at the moment he doesn’t act like it. He’s a little trouble maker and loves playing pranks on his family and servants in the palace. ))

I’m looking for shiny: petilil, solosis, and cranidos.  I’d clone them and hand them right back. I’ll also give a shiny as a thank you. Please message me If you can help.

More 'mons to Match - Pokemon Shuffle adds "Safari Mode"

The past couple weeks have been a double dose of roster additions to Pokemon Shuffle, both in the primary mode and in the special arena. Last week saw the addition of a new stack of catchables and a new Mega Evolution stone for Aerodactyl, and also pushed the main track to the edge of the current area. A new, stony area crisscrossed with train track tiles awaits another update, and will hopefully bring new background music with it. Beginning on 4/20/2015, the Pokemon Safari in the Special stages adds a new twist on things by randomizing what Pokemon you go up against.

For the specifics on both new items, read on.

In the main game, the following new Pokemon stages were added following Milotic:

  • Solosis (Psychic)
  • Honedge (Steel)
  • Drilbur (Ground)
  • Larvitar (Rock)
  • Shuppet (Ghost)
  • Rufflet (Flying)
  • Bergmite (Ice)
  • Mightyena (Dark)
  • Snubbull (Fairy)
  • Lickitung (Normal)
  • Timburr (Fighting)
  • Banette (Ghost)
  • Tangela (Grass)
  • Pupitar (Rock)
  • Mega Aerodactyl (Rock)

For the most part, the Optimize button can handle things and provide you with the means to beat each one. The only strategy I recommend keeping in mind is, when playing Solosis, try to clear at least the two top frozen Solosises (Soloses? Solosi?) as quickly as possible. Chances are, you can do so and swap for matches with your own Pokemon in the process, which helps. Once you clear them out, combos come in hot and fast, and there’s a good chance those clears will break at least one other Solosis out with Solosis’ ability.

I’ve also been using Solosis as a training ground for my anti-Mewtwo crew in the hopes of making an eventual Mewtwo S-Rank that much easier. With Mega Gengar and some bugs, you can wreck house, though you’ll have to rotate your fourth Pokemon in sometimes. It’s only a three-‘mon stage. I think my biggest combo there’s somewhere in the low 70s at this point. Seriously, it’s a blast.

Also of note is that currently, Groudon is available to fight/capture in the special area for at least the rest of this week. Again, Optimize and some luck should get that taken care of. I’m pretty sure I got him within my first five tries, catch-wise.

Then there’s Pokemon Safari. This replaces the daily Pokemon stages for the time being, and is represented by a “?” image in the Special Stages. Instead of fighting a set Pokemon, you are randomly assigned one from a limited pool. From what I’ve seen, the available Pokemon are Carvanha, Sharpedo, Spinda, Cherubi, and Cherrim. All stages are limited to three Pokemon, and most have very few moves available to clear. Also, the Optimize button is disabled on account of randomness, so just bring your best team.

I’ve been going at it using my anti-Mewtwo squad (Mega Gengar, Scyther, Scizor, Heracross) and doing just fine, especially given the bugs’ brutality against Cherubi and Cherrim. Gengar helps a lot once it goes Mega, as its “clear all Gengars” ability sets off siiiick combo chains. So yeah, beating whatever shows up isn’t that difficult, though catching can be. If you want to type-counter Carvanha and Sharpedo, keep in mind that they’ve been assigned Dark and not Water for their types in Shuffle. Spinda’s a Normal-type, for similar purposes. Also note that things may get annoying once you finally catch a few, as I now find myself praying for Carvanha or Sharpedo to show up after a stack of Spindas.

The other nice thing is that the rotation of Safari Pokemon doesn’t change each day, so you can keep plugging away at it until you get all of them. At least, until they move in the next batch of critters.

Regardless, kudos to Nintendo for upping the pace a bit when it comes to keeping things interesting for long-running Shufflers. Looking forward to more content as the game wears on, as we’re still only at 231 of 721.

Shiny Hunt Update:
  • Shiny Lugia (Soul Silver) = currently at 5159 SRs
  • Shiny Squirtle (Leaf Green) = currently at 5980 REs
  • Shiny Shaymin (Platinum) = currently at 12,818 RAs
  • Shiny Spinarak (JP Heart Gold) = currently at 13,178 REs
  • Shiny Oshawott (Black) = currently at 344 SRs
  • Shiny Eevee (X + charm/MM) = currently at ??? eggs
  • Shiny Sentret (JP Soul Silver) = currently at 300 REs
  • Shiny Solosis (X + charm/MM) = currently at 420 eggs
  • Any shiny at Relic Castle (White 2) = currently at 780 REs
  • Shiny Cyndaquil (English HG) = currently at 667 SRs

♔ - An entry about a day my muse felt particularly good on, perhaps because they won something, learned something, met someone special, etc.

10:15 PM -

Today was a good day. I won first place in that science competition, although I knew I would. My studies on the mutation of common illnesses and how they relate to both humans and Pokemon was apparently some sort of big hit.
I only wonder how the idiots didn’t come up with the answers for potential cures and all that before I came along.

As a reward for winning, they gave me a Pokemon that they said ‘just SCREAMS science!’ Morons.
He’s a Solosis - apparently native to the Unova region. I’ve never actually seen a Pokemon like him before. He’s a little face inside a gelatinous orb that he holds together using his psychic abilities. And he’s even shiny. I looked up a picture of a regular Solosis, and I guess they’re supposed to float in green goo, but this one floats in blue goo. To be honest, I think I would have preferred the green, but its pretty rare, so that’s something.

I’ve decided to call the new addition Korsakov, after the famed neuropsychiatrist, Sergei Sergeievich Korsakoff (I like the v more than the ff). Maybe this Korsakov will live up to the greatness of his namesake. I hope so.