Your name is POLLUX CAPTOR, thank you very much, and you are EXTREMELY GIDDY because one of your CLOSE INTERNET FRIENDS agreed to be your BOYFRIEND. Your TWIN BROTHER would be so jealous if he knew.

You also happen to have several INTERESTS, including your INSANELY BIZNASTY CODING SKILLS and your talent in the dying art of of APICULTURE. You never have to worry about running out of your PRECIOUS HONEY. Well, unless the BEARS come, which happens surprisingly often.

Thankfully, you attend school ONLINE, which gives you plenty of time to learn EVEN MORE CODES. Your guardian, Uncle Clinton Captor, says that you’re a CREEPY LITTLE SHIT around people in real life. You think it’s because of your PSYCHIC POWERS. It might also have something to do with your affinity for HORROR MOVIES and WEIRD PORNOGRAPHY.

Your trollian handle is testingArmageddons and you ‘tend two 2peak with a cute little li2p’.

>Pollux: Find your twin brother.

Fruit Pie [1/1]

Title: Fruit Pie

Word Count: uh, 2,800-something?

Pairing: SolKatSol

Notes: Uh, written on my phone. Also written on an app that apparently cancels out autocorrect or some shit, so coming pretty much unedited from by brain. So the reasoning behind this is a long and complicated humanstuck AUish thing that I don’t really want to go into right now, but the reason THIS was written is because there isn’t enough SolKatSol on the internet, and I need more of it. Also this is kinda weirdly formatted because Dropbox is weird.

[PS: Mark September 2 on your calendars]

<3 <3< <> c3<

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