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I’m sorry, but you’re so kind! I need to thank you! It was such a sweet answer =D If you don’t mind, I saw that you also enjoy Dicken’s Oliver Twist, well is one of my favorite books! (I saw your drawing of Oliver and Dodger too! Really amazing!) I’ve made a school project about it the book and all ^^ And, if is not asking too much I really would love to see more of your Oliver’s fanart! I mean, if it’s okay to you, of course

The answer is yes. I am always obliged to draw a bit of Oliver! I love the little dickens.

Thank you again! Gosh you’re so kind.

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Brave is one of my favorite animated movies of all time! Not only that is the reason that made me start thinking about following my dream and working with animation, those facts made me smile and be more happy about my decision! I can't wait to see whatelse you have! (I started following your blog not a long time ago, but I'm already in love with it! and sorry about my english! Is not my first language :/)

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That’s so amazing that it helped you find your true calling! I hope this week just makes you love it even more!

So, I’m working on a new film script entitled “Thomas & Michel” which is a surrealistic gay love story in the vein of, say, “Juliet of the Spirits” (not that “Juliet…” is a gay love story, just that it’s in a similar style).Anyway, I always draw the characters I create and with this script it was no exception. I did this:

I was mildly satisfied with my work, and then two friends of mine decided to draw the same characters. This is what they did:

and this

Well, firstly I can’t express how happy and flattered I am that my unfinished story already has fan-art! HOWEVER, I CAN’T EVEN WITH THE TALENT OF THESE TWO LADIES: Alice ( and Bia ( (do follow them because they are AWESOME

Anyway, random post but just wanted to share their amazing work (and promote a bit of my own script which hopefully one day will be made into a very exciting film… or not)

 "There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.“ ~ Merida

I really really really really really really
love Merida

I love Brave, everything about Brave!
(especially Merida’s hair oh lord)

So I decied to draw her! Well, I hope you guys like it!

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E vc acha que eu sei?! A gente fica no canto chorando enquanto todo mundo canta, dança e atua como se a gente estivesse na broadway!

ai siim! DLÇASADSL mas de que reportagem você tava falando? o projeto que eu falei era do SESI, mas pelo que eu entendi era hoje as 11h e minha mãe não deixou eu faltar na escola D: a sara sarres me disse “Não querida. O Projeto é para todos. E a Oficina de Vivência é exatamente para iniciantes. Para prepara-los para o curso profissionalizante!”

não sabia que esses projetos tavam rolando, que legal :D

So I was really tired and bored, and Paint was looking straight at me, so I figured I’d do a thing. This is pretty much how me and my friends (all Les Mis fans) will be like when get to see the show live in London in October (and meeting the amazing cast at the stage door). (Note: The original picture was taken during a costume party, so that’s why we are all dressed up as Les Mis characters).

You all probably won’t find this the least bit amusing or funny, but yeah… Boredom can do some really strange things to us.

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Hahahahahahahahaha I’ll pretend I don’t know who’s asking!
Well well
Matheus is the name of a great guy, it’s the name of one of my best friends in the whole world, he always try to make me believe in myself, and because of him (and another great friend of mine) I believe I have much more courage now

I could tell you a bunch of stories! Like the time when we (Matheus, Thamiris and I) took a taxi that was playing ABBA’s songs, or when we went to see The Addams Family and other great musicals like Cabaret and Priscilla, or one of my favorite stories, where you can find it here.
But I’ll tell you one of the most awesome stories, that it was when he made a movie and asked me to help him by reading the script and giving my opinion, it made me so happy to know that he trusted me with something so important as his work (of course, we fought a bit during the process, but it was an amazing experience!)
I don’t think I’m doing this right, but OH WELL, what to do… :I